TEN’s drama baby breathing

TEN’s new drama baby Offspring premiered to an average of 1.12m viewers last night.

With several Sunday shows spanning across different timeslots it is difficult to make head to head comparisons.

TEN will be buoyed by a good result in demos for the Telemovie, but it also suffered a Total People drop from the lead in of 1.43m for Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, despite a slew of network publicity. The hard yards begin now.

The panel show even won its timeslot beating 60 Minutes widely-publicised Mark Latham story, which was third at 1.31m. Both were up on previous figures. After a promise of insight, ultimately it delivered nothing to campaign machinations, even interviewing an irrelevant Pauline Hanson. The segment rose to 1.43m while on air, before dropping away.

Dancing with the Stars (1.36m) helped Seven win the night along with the excellent 1.62m for Seven News and Sunday Night (1.33m) which also won its slot.

Best for the ABC was Life on 959,000 and Who Do You Think You Are for SBS on 321,000.

Digital channels did good business with a 4.6% share for GO! and 4.1% for 7TWO. Top Gear‘s 266,000 was the top multichannel show.

The Seven Network won Sunday.

Week 34


  1. i like this show but the ex husband has to go, and they either need to have nina and the hot doctor get it on or just put it out there that its not happening. im too impatient for this will they/wont they stuff.

    deb mailman though sweet, is an odd choice for this program.

    oh and the sister’s boyfriend needs to be on screen less.

  2. I liked the show, and will tune in again next week, but I have to agree that the ex-husband’s character was annoying and ridiculous. Why wouldn’t Nina’s character have just called the police after the first incident (break in and exploding her massage chair). Surely one of her neighbours would have reported an explosion in the middle of suburbia? Hopefully he will be written out as a result of the car explosion.\
    I also thought that the whole real estate cruise/paternity revelation was rushed and poorly scripted, but hopefully the series will find it’s feet, as it has potential.

  3. @FlossAus, I didn’t like it but I doubt that comes as a shock to anyone.
    I agree with the many comments about the cast. It is a great cast but for a show which has taken chances (according to some) surely they could have taken a chance with some new faces. Say what you like about PTTR, but they did bring in some new blood.

  4. Soft figure but the show surprised me. Im more into cop dramas than anything else, stuff with action – I watched Offspring because Asher Keddie was on Rush for a bit and I liked her as an actress. I hope Offspring does well for TEN.

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