The Gruen Transfer: Sept 1

This week’s Pitch on the Gruen Transfer is between Adelaide’s Fnuky and Sydney’s Play (Sydney).

They will tackle “The Parent Licence. A campaign to convince Australians that would-be mums and dads should be forced to pass a competency test before being allowed to breed.”

Also on the show:

How Do You Sell? – Razors
Men have been doing it since the Stone Age. 1.7 billion do it almost every day. Each bloke will do it about 20,000 times in his lifetime, spending more than four months hard at it. It’s called shaving. In one of the funniest segments ever filmed on GRUEN, the panel discusses everything from sportsmen and the number of blades to the difference in women’s razors and the marketing push towards the manscaper. Todd has one of the best lines of the night: “There is huge growth in giving your groin a go!”

Ad Crunch – Omo Challenge
Last month in Brazil, Omo achieved global PR when, as part of a competition, it inserted GPS devices into unmarked detergent boxes. SWAT teams of Omo trackers in 35 different cities followed the boxes home, then knocked on the door offering prizes. Was it smart advertising or stalking?

It airs 9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


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