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Updated: Top Gear fans take note…

Instead of a new episode airing next week, August 17th it will now air the 2007 Top Gear: Botswana special at 7:30pm. This has already aired on SBS.

It will be followed at 8:40pm with S13E2 which includes Stephen Fry as special guest.

At 9:50pm it’s a repeat of 20 to 1.

The Botswana special is indeed very entertaining, but would have been better to follow a new episode rather than replace it.

Apology: an earlier post had this noted as running tomorrow night. Apologies for any confusion.


  1. Thanks for the update David… no wonder next weeks TV Week just has Top Gear but no description and no 2nd ep so still basically useless. The series is not being after tracked and now put off at least one week for re-runs. No wonder true fans go else where.

    FYI BBC Knowledge is showing S14 now, mind you it is the 50 min edited version.

  2. Not Happy Sam

    Just like their fast track of Top Gear.
    What fast track?
    All 6 episodes have been aired in the UK.
    CH 9 ( like all the other channels) just treat their viewer base with contempt.
    Its no wonder that viewers turn to other avenues, bit torrent, recording shows etc.
    They just try and run themselves out of business by losing viewers seemingly on purpose.

  3. you bloody idiots nine you screw us around like a rag doll and just because you’ve got monkeys running the network and you still expect the audience to stay with you, what a joke thats it you’ve lost me forever and i bet other people would be just as furious as me, f*** off ninego monkeys without brains!!!!!!!!

  4. Agree with you Barry,Nine has killed my interest in this as they have with many other programs – ER,Gossip Girl,Weeds etc due to their incredible inability (other than homeFLOP lol) to show any series in its correct sequence week in week out.
    Pay TV and the internet rule.

  5. Who is making these changes and why are they making them? They should at least tell us why they are doing this. It’s absolutely stupid.

  6. I don’t mind, I haven’t seen the Botswana episode anyways although I thought the one with the wedding as advertised would be a hoot.

  7. I think it’s a consequence of channel 9 planning the show to death. They can’t just slip in the new episodes properly, they have to tease them in amongst all the constant repeats to make a bigger deal out of them.

    Unfortunately they’ll just over saturate the top gear audience with the repeats. Problem with repeating the show is, the challenges have the main repeat value way more than the car reviews. So the car review segments will start to bore people first and they’ll start turning off. Eventually all the repeats will not rate well at all because everyone will have seen them all so much. They will then effectively burn the audience from watching old episodes.

  8. Why can’t nine just play the new episodes at 7.30 and then put the Botswana at 9.00 and then each week if they want to play repeats put them on at 9.00 each and fast track the new episodes plus they show repeats on go 2 nights a week so isn’t that enough nine do you need 3-4 episodes of repeats each week.

  9. Channel Nine has destroyed my whole “TopGear” experience! I loved this show on SBS but have avoided Nine’s repeats so much I have now lost interest in the show. More to the point I have lost interest in anything on Nine!

  10. Wait 70 mins for 13.02, that means the edited 50 min version again, what happened to them having the rights to the full 60 min shows?

    So once again the printed TV guides are useless!

  11. Just like prices at the footy – $5 for a bottle of water, but we’ll pay for it anyway. Did anyone really expect Nine to show all six episodes in consecutive order?

  12. Bloody hell Nine. You right the wrongs by airing the full UK version over 90 minutes, and that satisfied us all and stopped all the ‘editing and trimming’ discussion. The least you could do is just run them without stopping. You’re also advertising it as fast tracked when by definition it is airing an episode after the original premiere before the following episode is originally aired. But of course, it’s such a good show that they can easily get away with doing this.

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