Topher Grace to produce CHiPs remake

Topher Grace plans on producing a remake of 1970s cop series CHiPs with the team from Numb3rs.

There’s a report today that reckons 1970s cop drama CHiPs may be getting a remake. With Hawaii Five-O in production should we really be that surprised?

CHiPs, the buddy / cop series on the Californian Highway Patrol, aired from 1977 to 1983, making stars of Erik Estrada (and his sunglasses) as Officer Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as Officer Jonathan “Jon” Baker.

Deadline Hollywood reports the new version is under the watch of Numb3rs creators Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton as writer / producers and Topher Grace -who will not be starring.

No network is yet involved.

The WB Television Network first tried mounting a remake of CHiPs 8 years ago for NBC, with Doug Liman and Dave Bartis producing but amounted to little more than 2 scripts.

Warner Bros, which owns the rights to the original series, also has been trying to get a feature remake off the ground.

Hope they don’t change the theme toon. It’s groooovy.


Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. Have to admit to being a bit of a CHiPs fan back in the day. The only way a remake will work is if they cast someone as Ponch who has the same level of dental fluorescence as Erik Estrada. I’ve heard rumour his teeth will one day feature in perpetuity at the Smithsonian.

  2. Great news, CHiPs was a truly wonderful series that many Aussie teenagers could not wait to watch every week on Seven. Even the TNT reunion movie – CHiPs ’99 – was a great trip of L.A. nostalgia with Erik, Larry and Robert (Pine) making a return appearance for their long-time fans (like me). I hope any new series will capture at least some of the light-hearted magic of both the original series and cast – hopefully, other major characters will again feature eg Harlin, Gatraer, Barritz, Sindy and ‘Grossy’.

    Crossing fingers that a real effort will be made in the remake! “7-Mary-4 over”

  3. It was an awesome show… It was a cop version of the Brady Bunch, with each episode having a “do good” underlying theme… Hope the remake does it justice… ie no names who don’t think they are hot sh#t..!!

  4. @koverstreet exactly what i was thinking (re Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from That 70s Show)) they really do look alike based on that pic. certainly doesn’t look like him now (or at least how he looked when he was on The Surreal Life, Estrada that is!)

  5. Perhaps Topher should get Fez to play Erik Estradas part 🙂

    Never got into CHiPs despite being a huge fan of 70’s cop shows. Personally I’d rather grab a season of the orginal then watch the remake but I’ll probably check it out.

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