Video Hits Presents: Neighbours 6000th Episode

Tomorrow morning TEN airs Video Hits Presents: Neighbours 6000th Episode.

The one hour edition includes cast members introducing music clips from current and former cast members along with other artists who have done cameos for the show.

The music include Sam Clark, Delta Goodrem, Lily Allen and even Stefan Denis singing Don’t it Make You Feel Good.

Introducing the clips are Margot Robbie, Sam Clark, Jordy Lucas, Matt Werkmeister, Alan Fletcher, Stefan Denis and Ryan Moloney.



  1. DIMYFG is as excrutiating as the Hoff’s ‘Lookin’ For Freedom. Both songs I heard once in the 80’s and have been unable to erase them from my brain since.

  2. Does that mean we’ll see TISM – Thunderbirds Are Coming Out? Blair McDonough makes a 3 second appearance right at the start of the clip.

    I just want to see/hear TISM 🙂

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