X Factor week two

The X Factor will progress into its “Bootcamp” episodes following its first week of “Audition” episodes.

On Sunday September 5 it has a 90 minute episode at 7:30pm. Bones and Castle repeats follow at 9pm / 10pm.

Tonight at Bootcamp, the judges finally discover which group they will mentor. The contestants will be put through their paces to see if they can take on different song genres, as Kyle, Natalie, Ronan and Guy find out if they have the enigmatic ‘X Factor.’ Hosted by Luke Jacobz.

A one hour episode follows on Monday September 6th at 7:30pm.

Sunday / Monday also appears to be the strategy for the week of September 12 but this is yet to be confirmed.


  1. I hope I’m wrong because I’m quite a fan of the judging panel (pretty impressive line-up!) but I think this will be a very expensive flop for 7. Given the money they have spent, I’m thinking they are going to want at least 1.5 to 1.7 million consistently to justify the spend which I just don’t think they are going to get.

  2. Y bother as Idol, Aust Got Talent & So U Think U Can Dance……
    They never go on 2 become anything so……..
    BTW do we need another one ???
    Yawn – Boring………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. pretty clever not confirming the nights it will screen. when, i’m sorry if, it flops you can change it to a less important night and claim that was always the plan…

    is anyone having flashbacks to Popstars Live (hosted by one Luke Jacobz) with cast dropping out/being ousted? well at least this show has a more relevant judging panel than Popstars Live and the original X Factor and even Idol…

  4. that’s a shame. mon/tues would have been much better. despite theory reaity shows like this alwas seem to be stronger on weeknights than sunday. and 7 could easily make another good sunday lineup with border security, the force and airways.

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