7mate: First week Guide

The Guide for new digital channel 7mate has been largely revealed by the Seven Network, with a mix of daytime classic titles and primetime premieres.

The channel is aimed at males aged 16-49 and begins with the AFL Grand Final on Saturday September 25.

Amongst the highlights in the first full week are the Australian premiere of Caprica (pictured), new episodes of Parks and Recreation, American Dad, Family Guy, Fifth Gear, Mighty Ships.

It also schedules sci fi series Warehouse 13, reality series Monster Garage, Nitro Circus, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, The Boneyard, Ax Men, Mega Disasters and science series The Universe.

The daytime schedule includes such shows as McHale’s Navy, Magnum PI, Rockford Files, Knight Rider, The A Team, Quincy ME, Situation Critical many of which are also repeated after midnight.

Interestingly, NBC Today show airs at 9am – midday weekdays.

Some primetime shows are yet to be revealed.

Highlights are as follows:

Monday Sept 27
6pm Monster Garage (Ep 12)
7:30pm Fifth Gear (S9E8)
10:00pm Parks and Recreation (S2E6)

Tuesday Sept 28
10:30pm Nitro Winter Wonderland. (Ep 1)

Wednesday Sept 29
8:30pm Family Guy (S9E11)
9:00pm American Dad (S6E6)

Thursday Sept 30
7:30pm Gene Simmons Family Jewels (S1 E2 / E3) (premiere Sept 25)
8:30pm Warehouse 13 (S1E1)
9:30pm Caprica (S1E1)

Friday Oct 1
7:30pm The Boneyard (Ep 1)
8:30pm Ax Men (S2E1)

Saturday Oct 2
7:30pm Mighty Ships (Ep 5)
8:30pm Mega Disasters (Ep 1)
9:30pm The Universe (Ep 1)

A Guide (with several TBAs) is now available for download at TV Tonight‘s Advance Guides.

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  1. R U sure that 7mate is HD – I thought that only Chl 70 is in HD, the others, 71, 72 (7two) and 73 (7mate) are all SD. But then I could be wrong

  2. Looking forward to Caprica, I hope they can add some more Sci-Fi in the future. It’s a genre that doesn’t get much coverage on the main channels these days. Saw a bit of Warehouse 13 on Foxtel, but it didn’t grab me. Still at least 7Mate seems to be interested in giving SciFi a go, so they have my vote.

  3. As Ms Krabappel would say, “Pretty lame Milhouse, pretty lame”.

    Maybe a couple of shows I would watch in primetime, however as they are old, I have seen them elsewhere. They should have got the premier shows on this channel and put them on 7Two, and then used the 3rd channel for something else. That way 7Two could be less terrible, and have more ‘new’ shows.

    Hands up who will be watching the 1966 movie ‘When We Were Kings’…

    What annoys me about FTA channels is the on screen guide says rubbish like “7mate Sunday Movie” or “Tuesday Night at the Movies”. Just show the name of the movie, we know what day it is.

  4. Well the daytime schedule doesn’t set the tv guide alight. Primetime is where the viewers will flock. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights look decent. The Universe is great and can’t wait for Warehouse 13 and Caprica. 🙂

    NBC Today is an interesting piece of programming. Those from PRiME land will like this news as it previously aired infomercials instead of the US morning show. Not sure if this is still on 7 before Sunrise?

  5. Just checked the advanced guide for 7 mate at tv tonight great range of old classics and there are some interesting documentaries to be screened. Looking foward to it commencing.

  6. glad warehouse 13 and caprica are on thursday, I was just thinking about how there isn’t much on thursdays these days. I’m re-watching battlestar galactica right now in preparation for caprica.

  7. I wonder if some shows like Gene Simmons Family Jewels , if Seven have bought all seasons ? I know on Seven Two they only bought 2 seasons of Escape to the Country….

  8. This is a fantastic schedule, best one since GO! better then 7Two just about every show I’m interested in watching can’t wait to see Warehouse 13 and Caprica. The only negative thing i can think of is NBC Today at 9am-midday weekdays.

  9. Whose idea is it to screen NBC Today as a morning show? Is that one of Seven’s incentives to attract female viewers? (Only the 4th hour, hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, is like a morning show, with topics including entertainment and fashion) Unless news and weather updates during each 30 minutes of the US version are cut to make it a 3-hour show? I still think NBC Today should be shown at midnight, which in summer will mean Sydney and Melbourne will see the program one hour behind the US east coast due to the 16-hour time difference.

  10. NBC Today isn’t really male oriented viewing, however, it should still be competitive against Kerri-Anne, Morning Show etc. Otherwise, the channel in general seems promising.

  11. Caprica, The Universe, and Warehouse 13 in HD – fantastic.

    And please Seven, give these shows some time to prove themselves! Show your viewers you have patience on this channel.

    And King of the Hill for those primetime schedule gaps please! There’s still nearly a season to go, so it’ll be worth it.

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