7mate: First week Guide

First week of 7mate will see the premiere of Caprica plus new episodes of Parks and Recreation, American Dad, Family Guy, Fifth Gear and Mighty Ships.

The Guide for new digital channel 7mate has been largely revealed by the Seven Network, with a mix of daytime classic titles and primetime premieres.

The channel is aimed at males aged 16-49 and begins with the AFL Grand Final on Saturday September 25.

Amongst the highlights in the first full week are the Australian premiere of Caprica (pictured), new episodes of Parks and Recreation, American Dad, Family Guy, Fifth Gear, Mighty Ships.

It also schedules sci fi series Warehouse 13, reality series Monster Garage, Nitro Circus, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, The Boneyard, Ax Men, Mega Disasters and science series The Universe.

The daytime schedule includes such shows as McHale’s Navy, Magnum PI, Rockford Files, Knight Rider, The A Team, Quincy ME, Situation Critical many of which are also repeated after midnight.

Interestingly, NBC Today show airs at 9am – midday weekdays.

Some primetime shows are yet to be revealed.

Highlights are as follows:

Monday Sept 27
6pm Monster Garage (Ep 12)
7:30pm Fifth Gear (S9E8)
10:00pm Parks and Recreation (S2E6)

Tuesday Sept 28
10:30pm Nitro Winter Wonderland. (Ep 1)

Wednesday Sept 29
8:30pm Family Guy (S9E11)
9:00pm American Dad (S6E6)

Thursday Sept 30
7:30pm Gene Simmons Family Jewels (S1 E2 / E3) (premiere Sept 25)
8:30pm Warehouse 13 (S1E1)
9:30pm Caprica (S1E1)

Friday Oct 1
7:30pm The Boneyard (Ep 1)
8:30pm Ax Men (S2E1)

Saturday Oct 2
7:30pm Mighty Ships (Ep 5)
8:30pm Mega Disasters (Ep 1)
9:30pm The Universe (Ep 1)

A Guide (with several TBAs) is now available for download at TV Tonight‘s Advance Guides.

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  1. In the confusion regarding HD vs SD and 70 vs 73 ….this is from the original announcment in early august (on TV Tonight website)

    To receive 7mate from 25 September, viewers will need to tune into channel 73 on an HD capable Digital TV, PVR or set top box. If you have an analogue television you will need to connect your old TV to an HD capable Digital set top box, PVR, or Digital recorder and tune in to channel 73.
    A spokesperson from Seven told TV Tonight: “7mate replaces 7HD, as this is all we can fit in our spectrum until 2013 or the end of Analog.

  2. Hmmm, with all those TBA’s the shows outside of primetime don’t look that wonderful.

    Where are all the old Aussie shows? I’m sure some time in the last 50 years there was an Australian programme made and that it just didn’t disintegrate once it was shown on TV. Why are our multi-channels still littered with these old American shows when our history and our identity could be on display to those who haven’t seen the break through Australian programmes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Is it going to take an ABC channel or SBS channel to show retro Australian series?

    Where are the repeats of A Country Practice, Sons & Daughters, Neighbours, Home & Away, E Street, Secret Life Of Us, Police Rescue, Wildside, Hey Dad, Newlyweds, Acropolis Now, The Comedy Company, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Micallef Programme, Roy & HG, etc? Surely you don’t have to rent a set top box off Rupert Murdoch to watch the likes of those programmes?

    Those are just a selection. I’m sure others can/will add to the Australian programming that Australian viewers deserve to watch.

  3. i’s definately very blokey
    the main show i was looking forward to was jersey shore, hope that takes one of the TBA’s. why is parks and rec on so late? that is a really good show that i thought might get a 7:30 slot.

    and ax men seems like a good show too i quite like that genre like ice road truckers, man vs wild ect. it aired in the UK under the name axE men (australian spelling) looks like 7mate are going for the US speling of the word axe.

    1. Newtaste. TV Tonight did not announce a new channel from Nine. The AFR did. That’s why there are Sources used in aggregated stories here.

      Quote: “But the Australian Financial Review says Nine has set a date for the launch of its second digital channel, five or six days before Seven launches 7mate.”

      Lucy: a gay channel was offered by SelecTV at one stage but I never thought it would work and it didn’t.

  4. Boring and it’s supposedly aimed at me. It would have been wiser to either keep 7hd and have 7mate breakaway programming, or have 7mate with some material from 7 simucast. No more news in HD.

  5. 7HD (ch70) will become 7Mate, there will no longer be a HD simulcast of the main Seven channel.

    What I think they should do is like the BBC model and air selected shows on the HD channel from the other channels, so things like the AFL and Rafters can still be shown in HD, maybe not at the same times but at least you have the option to see them in HD if you want to.

    ABC, Nine and TEN should all do this IMO.

  6. From 20 & Male…
    There is only one thing in the entire program that interests me… Parks & Recreation… I can’t believe how boring the schedule is! Not that I can complain.. It’s better to have a crappy extra channel than to not have one at all.

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