7mate: First week Guide

First week of 7mate will see the premiere of Caprica plus new episodes of Parks and Recreation, American Dad, Family Guy, Fifth Gear and Mighty Ships.

The Guide for new digital channel 7mate has been largely revealed by the Seven Network, with a mix of daytime classic titles and primetime premieres.

The channel is aimed at males aged 16-49 and begins with the AFL Grand Final on Saturday September 25.

Amongst the highlights in the first full week are the Australian premiere of Caprica (pictured), new episodes of Parks and Recreation, American Dad, Family Guy, Fifth Gear, Mighty Ships.

It also schedules sci fi series Warehouse 13, reality series Monster Garage, Nitro Circus, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, The Boneyard, Ax Men, Mega Disasters and science series The Universe.

The daytime schedule includes such shows as McHale’s Navy, Magnum PI, Rockford Files, Knight Rider, The A Team, Quincy ME, Situation Critical many of which are also repeated after midnight.

Interestingly, NBC Today show airs at 9am – midday weekdays.

Some primetime shows are yet to be revealed.

Highlights are as follows:

Monday Sept 27
6pm Monster Garage (Ep 12)
7:30pm Fifth Gear (S9E8)
10:00pm Parks and Recreation (S2E6)

Tuesday Sept 28
10:30pm Nitro Winter Wonderland. (Ep 1)

Wednesday Sept 29
8:30pm Family Guy (S9E11)
9:00pm American Dad (S6E6)

Thursday Sept 30
7:30pm Gene Simmons Family Jewels (S1 E2 / E3) (premiere Sept 25)
8:30pm Warehouse 13 (S1E1)
9:30pm Caprica (S1E1)

Friday Oct 1
7:30pm The Boneyard (Ep 1)
8:30pm Ax Men (S2E1)

Saturday Oct 2
7:30pm Mighty Ships (Ep 5)
8:30pm Mega Disasters (Ep 1)
9:30pm The Universe (Ep 1)

A Guide (with several TBAs) is now available for download at TV Tonight‘s Advance Guides.

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  1. I still think it’s ridiculous that 7 are sacrificing their HD channel for this. A lot of the shows aren’t, or won’t be shown in HD and those that watch regular 7, which is arguably the best of the 3 channels, will be seeing the low quality versions of their favourite shows.

  2. @Pete

    As you probably know Caprica is set before BSG. You don’t have to have watched all of BSG to be able to watch Caprica. Although it does help to have some knowledge of the BSG universe.

    The second part of season 1 returns in the US on October 5 when it will air behind new episodes of Stargate Universe. No confirmation yet on a 2nd season.

  3. To Earthquake ,

    I agree , there is not enough Australian shows.
    A Country practice finished repeating on Hallmark channel a few months ago , now it could be 7TWO’s turn I think. Sons and Daughters / Home and Away are already repeating on 7TWO.
    All the others you mention are worth a rerun too somewhere on freeview. Cop Shop , The Sullivans , Prisoner , The Flying Doctors , Altogether Now , Richmond Hill and many more…
    Wouldn’t it be good if there was a rule that they can’t screen 3 American shows in a row ??

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