90210 Day

In the US today it’s 90210 Day -September 2nd 2010.

With the dateline and the US format of month before day, it’s a day some of the original cast and crew are reflecting on the success that was Beverly Hills 90210.

Josh Schwartz tweeted a fan-made video of a Gossip Girl opening to Beverly Hills 90210‘s iconic 1990s theme.

Ian Zeiring, now 46, was hoping for a cast reunion but says he is enjoying an extended honeymoon with his wife in Mexico.

“About six or seven months ago, I had my entire cast together,” he says. “I wanted to put together a reunion special to run on this day and the CW dropped the ball.

“There are so many fans out there,” he says.

“I thought it would be nice.”


Source: Hollywood Reporter, People


  1. For the Gossip Girl’s opening to Beverly Hills 90210 it was almost familiar territory for Kelly Rutherford as she used to be in Melrose Place.

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