A Current Affair: Sept 20

Tracy Grimshaw’s interview with Reg Grundy will air tonight on A Current Affair.

Grundy, whose production company the Grundy Organisation was matched only by Crawford Productions in the 1960s – 1980s, now lives in the Bahamas with wife, actress Joy Chambers.

The man who started in television as a game show host saw his production company boom to producing such shows as Class of ’74, Class of ’75, The Restless Years, The Young Doctors, Prisoner, Glenview High, Sons and Daughters, Neighbours, Wheel of Fortuneand Sale of the Century. The interview will be a must-see for fans of nostalgic Aussie telly.

Such a part of the Australian cultural landscape, his name is even invoked as a nickname for underwear: Reg Grundies (did you ask him that, Tracy?)

The Grundy Organisation was later sold to Pearson PLC, which has since become known as FremantleMedia.


  1. Just watched the ACA interview with “RG” it was very interesting. But does anyone know what happened with his daughter??? His wife seemed to dismiss it straight away………..

  2. if anyone cant watch it or misses it i will upload it to you tube just go to you tube and search for aca reg grundy or you can come here click on my name and then search for aca reg grundy it should be uploaded about 1 hour after it finishes NSW time

  3. Reg Grundy also once owned a massive Australian radio station network based on the Gold Coast. The network’s name used Reg’s initials and was known as R.G. Capital, famous for expanding its SEA FM brand. It was later sold to Macquarie bank, which also purchased the Southern Cross TEN TV network. After having to sell off some radio stations, due to media ownership laws, the remaining combined TV and radio network is now known as Southern Cross Media.

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