A lil’ help please…?

Caught a bit of Rescue Special Ops season finale last night….

Couldn’t help but notice the Rescue team in hot pursuit of a crazed woman who had kidnapped a baby belonging to the character played by Libby Tanner.

Funny thing was it looked like they drove right past the location that also doubles as the police station for COPS L.A.C., underneath ANZAC Bridge in Sydney.

The sirens were blazing, but did the team from COPS come to help?

Didn’t even send a measly guy as back-up, leaving all the heavy-lifting to the Rescue guys. Sheesh.

It’s tough in the big smoke….


  1. Dont worry about Cops LAC lasting the distance …. their dropping 200,000 viewers per week ! Just goes to show, weak scripts & lame acting translates into a revenue loss for Channel 9.

  2. @ Dan Ilics’ Brother
    You couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a huge supporter of Australian drama. I am far from ‘always critical of aussie production’. I’m always saying how great our programs are and criticising Australians who don’t watch our own top programs. Do some research and you’ll see how much I rave about Packed to the Rafters, Offspring, City Homicide, Rush and many of the kid shows like Lockie Leonard, My Place and Dance Academy. I watch almost all Australian programs, even the bad ones like RSO and Cops LAC. When I am critical, it is well deserved.

  3. You can tell the cameramen go out of their way not to shoot Les Hill’s rapid balding, always either just above or just below his bald spot.

    Rescue and LAC are pretty much the same shows but with different uniforms. Rescue’s Lara and LAC’s Sam are more or less the same character – gutsy women in a man’s world with complicated romantic lives but a passion for justice and saving the little guy. Really, if you swapped actresses you wouldn’t even need time to adjust they’re that similar.

    LAC’s struggling, and I hope Channel Nine look at that and realise we’re tired of cops and procedure, that Aussie drama is evolving and that, hey, those fresh out of uni writer’s with original ideas may not be so nutty after all.

  4. worst. acting. ever.

    same with the driving.

    and didn’t know rescue people had more affirmative actions and rights then police in a chase, and to especially tell police, sorry Yell at police to stand back!


  5. hahaha well i have a suggestion for everyone not liking either show…Watch Rush instead!!! BTW david you might even care to perhaps do a little promotional piece to help, well… promote it…just a thought. So anyhow, tune into Rush and you will not be dissapointed ppl! For what its worth tho, rescues pretty good i think but COPS LAC…uuuurrrrgh

  6. I’ll certainly watch 22 eps of this show next year (and 16 SPs),I’m very happy Nine decided to do a full season. And FWIW one of the major reasons RSO got a third season is because it does very well in the younger demos like most Nine shows these days.

  7. The point is they are almost identical in their storytelling – but their core audience is under 1 mill and mostly 55+. RSO will be moved to Thursday next year, but Nine really need strong drama series instead of these old style procedurals – too many, too samey. I cannot believe they think people will watch another 16 SPs and 22 RSOs and audience fatigue wont set in. Who makes these calls I wonder?

  8. Hahahah

    I can imagine phoning triple-oh and getting an operator:

    “7, 9 or 10? Police, Fire or Ambulance?”

    “Er, 7 .. Fire!”.

    “I’m sorry sir, channel 7 doesn’t currently offer a fire service, though they’ll be fast-tracking one shortly. I can send Postman Pat if you would like”

  9. Finale 20th in Syd and Bris, 27th AFL states due to Brownlow…

    In watching both shows I have always thought of the number of opportunities for cross over episodes between the two shows. Maybe they could factor that in next year if COPS LAC gets renewed, and then if they program so some of them overlap when they air on Nine.

  10. The continuity and locations were really shonky in that episode. We had a big discussion about how bad it was on Media Spy last week, when the episode screened in Sydney.

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