ABC launches new Kid’s website

ABC has given its website for preschoolers a makeover.

Formerly known as ‘Play Ground’, the ABC FOR KIDS website is aimed at 3 to 6 year-olds, highlighting titles such as Play School, Giggle and Hoot, Chuggington, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas & Friends, dirtgirlworld and more.

The site now features over 90 video clips, nearly 300 craft ideas, more than 200 print and colour activities, child-friendly recipes and for the very first time in the pre-school offering, catch-up TV.

Controller of ABC Children’s Television Tim Brooke-Hunt said “Our ABC For Kids pre-school block on ABC1 and ABC2 is the undisputed leader in the broadcast market. I am delighted that this new ABC For Kids website will allow our audience to engage with their favourite characters online, and to enjoy video content, games, and activities whenever they want.”

The site features:

· Video – A first in preschoolers catch-up TV – the website will allow the user to catch up on their favourite TV shows, watch music & program clips, and to sing their best-known songs.

· Playroom – This space allows the user or their carer to choose their favourite video, games and songs to set up a playlist, keeping the child entertained with material tailored to meet their needs or interests. This function will be available in the second phase of the site from the start of October.

· Safety – Carers will continue to know the ABC site will be safe for their children. ABC FOR KIDS online has made available a full-screen mode in the Playroom making it more difficult for the users to navigate out of the site.

· Games – The site will launch with approximately 60 games, all to suit different ages and ability levels. Over the remainder of 2010 and beyond the website will offer more games focusing on developing the users’ learning skills & ability over a range of levels.



  1. I’m glad I saw season 35 of Sesame Street on there because it uses the old school closing animation sequence that they used from 1992 until 2007. Brings back memories to see it again.

  2. It’s a shame that this site has been built in flash. I imagine many parents would prefer give a three year old access to an iPod or iPad to watch videos, than a computer.

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