Airdate: Keeping Up with the Joneses

Get ready for crocs, cattle, horses, choppers and a true-blue family on the land.

New observational doco Keeping up with the Joneses premieres next month.

Meet the Joneses – an ordinary Australian family living extraordinary lives on a vast cattle property called Coolibah in the heart of the Top End of the Northern Territory.

The series premieres on the final night of Commonwealth Games competition at 9pm October 14 on TEN.

The Closing Ceremony begins at 12 midnight.


  1. This show is hardly anything like the Kardashians the Kardashians are screaming out for fame for nothing and making d**ks of themselves whilst on TV plus Kim Kardashian is a ratings tart she thinks she can just marry someone for money and then divorce and make up big lies onto why she done it seriously how pathetic – if you like to see how people run farms here Australia then this is the show for you if you have no interest in farms and your a city slicker then Kardashians is for you they are two complete different families with different morals and definitely different life styles. I like Keeping up with the Joneses so does my hubby so keep you bad opinions to yourself especially if you are just ranting a comparison to the stupid idiots on the kardashians no comparison at all!!

  2. David S- ur an idiot.
    This show is awsome! So australian! it brings back memmories of working as a jillaroo years back. its a hard life and for some people its the only life they know. And most of them absolutely love it!
    Hope this comes out on DVD soon!! ill be buying it for sure!

  3. This looks so 1980s. What a horrible show and a terrible and boring idea. They advertise it as “look at all the things they have to contend with living where they are” – well, don’t live there then.

    Honestly, who gives a rats about how these people live? We’ve seen it all before.

  4. I know it’s a bit late but Saturday they pushed back the 2nd movie and did the encore at 8:30, I caught it the this time and I’m not normally a fan of this type of show but I liked it, can’t wait until they get into it more.

  5. ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses’ was shown on Thursday night 14th October 2010, which I missed.
    When is this episode being repeated? Are there more episodes to come? Will there be DVDs on this family and show?

  6. I Can’t wait for Keeping up with the Joneses, it looks great, a lovely family with some light entertainment, and they aren’t acting for the cameras and they are just going about there daily life at the family property “Coolibah” Station. Can’t wait counting down the days now!, And Little Milton you are the cuties Cousin.

  7. I`ve just seen a preview and can`t wait .The life style is something that if I were younger I would love to do.Having friends in the Territery living station life this will be like seeing some of thier everyday things.My nephew lived and enjoyed the life style until he lost his life in an accident , so it will be good to see things that he Loved. There should be more programs showing everyday station life, the work & play.

  8. *facepalm*
    There wasn’t a lot to read, but people must not have read it.
    It’s an observational documentary, not a ‘reality’ show. And it sounds absolutely nothing like Kardashians.

    But then those who are so quick to slag off this show won’t read this either.

    Did you see the ‘sneak peek’ last night before 7pm Project? It looks pretty huge.

  9. Do people read these things properly….Before they comment………
    It says…and I quote….”observational doco”……
    A documentry observing what goes on at this property…..Not a reality show!…*geesh*
    @SGT ……“ Keeping Up with the Joneses” is a very Australian expresion…not American….it means trying to have things and live like a neighbour that is somewhat better off than you.

  10. Australian reality sucks so bad and if this is a lame attempt of copying the format of Keeping Up With The Kardashians then oh my god – Secondhand Embarrassment.

  11. I’ve already expressed my concern (on another website) that many viewers who live in NT will miss out seeing this program, because Channel Ten is only available in Darwin as digital channel DDT, and the rest of NT has not seen general programming from Ten since it was dropped by Imparja back in January 2008 (a decision that is haunting the station now). And even though the program should be available on Ten website the next day, not everyone in NT has access to the internet so they will miss out again. Should Southern Cross (the local affiliate for Seven) consider buying the program and show it when a timeslot is available, e.g. when there is a repeat program scheduled for Seven?

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