Airdate: Penguin Island

Penguin Island, shot at Phillip Island, is an up close and personal look at the lives of Little Penguins (or “Fairy Penguins” as they are sometimes known). These lttile guys have been huge tourist drawcards to Victoria.

This six part series should do for Penguins what Meerkat Manor did for, umm, Meerkats, giving them affectionate character identities.

Impressively, it is narrated by Rolf Harris. The series is produced by Sally Ingleton.

Sounds like just the sort of show that would benefit from HD.

The world famous Little Penguins of Australia’s Phillip Island, entertain half a million tourists a year with a sunset parade from the surf to their burrows. But behind the scenes, the penguins’ lives are even more interesting. Take a peek into the fascinating yet fragile lives of Australia’s Little Penguins, with the six-part series Penguin Island.

Narrated by Rolf Harris and already winning over audiences in the UK on BBC1, Penguin Island uses the latest underwater satellite tracking and Big Brother-style video surveillance to follow the lives of several penguin families. Filmed on location at Phillip Island in Victoria, Penguin Island also shines a spotlight on the dedicated team of rangers and scientists who monitor and protect the penguins through the hottest summer on record.

Over the series, follow Rocky, the unlucky-in-love Romeo who lives behind the tourist café, and his neighbour and sometime competitor, the dim-witted, debonair Spike. Nearby live the long-time couple Bluey and Sheila, who are struggling to feed their chicks, Sammy and Tom. While the tear-away teenagers, Butch and Bruiser, continually upset their neighbours with their thuggish behaviour.

In episode one, Penguin Island opens in the Australian Spring as 26,000 Little Penguins return to their Phillip Island colony after many weeks at sea. While some search for loyal partners and others seek out a new mate, the penguins set to work building and renovating their nests to keep them safe from predators. Meanwhile, Bluey and Sheila lay their first clutch of eggs. While Shelia is off at sea hunting for food, the eggs hatch and Bluey must guard them until Sheila is home to meet her two young sons for the first time.

It airs 8pm Thursdays on ABC1.


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