Airdate: Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall

If you’re not over the story already, SBS has a documentary on Tiger Woods next month.

Journalist Jacques Peretti, who has previously done exposes on Madonna and Michael Jackson, produces this doco which includes interviews with two of Wood’s mistresses, Jocelyn James and Mindy Lawton.

It was the sporting scandal that captivated the world and changed the public image of Tiger Woods forever. In this intriguing documentary, journalist Jacques Peretti goes behind the rumours, talking to those close to Tiger to uncover the real story behind his very public fall from grace.

In Tiger’s hometown in LA, we are given a fascinating glimpse into what life was like for the golfing superstar growing up through interviews with Tiger’s former coach and caddie. From the military-style training rituals imposed by his father, Earl, to the racism he experienced in the historically white suburb, Tiger’s youth significantly shaped Tiger Woods the man, and later, Tiger Woods the brand.

But behind the carefully crafted image of a clean-cut, straight-laced family man, lay a story of deceit, infidelity and scandal. Speaking to some of the women at the centre of the affairs, including stripper Jocelyn James and waitress Mindy Lawton, as well as Neil Bolton, an editor at the company that published The National Enquirer, Peretti uncovers the true extent of Tiger’s double life and the extreme measures taken by his management to keep his affairs hidden and his public image intact.

It airs Friday, 22 October at 10:05pm on SBS ONE.

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Great, more paparazzi journalism. Just what we need right now. Obviously I’m not part of the world as the story certainly didn’t captivate me. Why is this even on SBS?

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