Airdate: Toybox

Toybox, a new series for preschoolers will premiere next month on Seven.

Aimed at 2-5 year olds, it centres around a toy box coming to life, with songs, drawings, spelling and number activities, plus dance and movement sequences.

The live characters include a funky doll named Tina (Brittany Byrnes) who is energetic and sporty; her adventure dol friend Tom (Riley Nottingham) who loves exploring and being creative; Patches, the shy cute rag doll (Ranee Clayton); and toy robot Super Ned (Leighton Young) who loves rescuing. Puppeteers Roslyn Oades and Sean Masterson handle toy rabbits, Remy and Rici.

Seven Supervising Producer of Children’s Television Sue Keating said: β€œIt’s an enormously fun and high quality preschool show, with unforgettable music and loveable characters that are bound to become household names. The cast and crew, led by Ian Munro and Ron Saunders, have worked tirelessly to produce a magical kids show we can all be very proud of.”

Series Producer and Director, Ian Munro said: β€œToybox is a very special mix. Kids love the excitement of a good story to make discoveries about their world and to work things out themselves. Add the hi-energy singing and dancing and Toybox has it all.”

It premieres 3.30pm October 14th on Seven.


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