At the Iron Chef arena

Last night TV Tonight swung by the set of Iron Chef Australia, to take a peek at filming at Melbourne’s Docklands studios.

What a huge set this one is.

Studio 5 was decked out with an enormous arena-setting with a slick, contemporary looking set and two working kitchens. Aromas from the sizzling food filled the studio as Iron Chef Guy Grossi took on a challenger.

Judges Leo Schofield, Larissa Dubecki and Simon Thomsen watched on while Grant Denyer and Richard Cornish described the action.

Cameramen whizzed around the chefs as they furiously cooked up their dishes. The production doesn’t stop the clock in the preparation of meals.

A patient audience seemed happy to watch people cooking as television, with monitors giving them a close-up look.

The show will air later this year.

How well does it capture the kooky Japanese fun of the original? We’ll have to wait until it’s on air.


  1. Definitely not looking forward to Grant Denyer. Even looking at the picture is turning me off this show. And which one of those chefs is Iron Chef Chinese?

  2. Sorry but Grant Denyer has really killed this for me. Was so excited when i heard about a local Iron Chef, but i just can’t stand to watch him. Just bring back My Kitchen Rules already, cos i’m giving this a miss Seven

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