Auditions: What Do You Know?

ABC3 has announced a new game show for kids called What Do You Know?

The 65 x 30 minute episodes will see contestants placed in two teams of three, each with a captain who has a real passion for a topic of their choice – be it Bollywood dancing, whales, soccer, Italian cooking or a love of birds. The rest of the team is the “brain trust” with strengths in topics such as history, sport and pop culture.

The show also has a resident DJ, who will add fresh tunes and musical games to the series.

Ambience Entertainment’s Creative Producer David Webster said “We are delighted to be working with ABC3 on this new and riveting kids game show.”

Controller of ABC Children’s Television Tim Brooke-Hunt said “What Do You Know? promises to be a great deal of fun for both the contestants and ABC3’s viewers. It’s great to have another original game show concept for our network.”

It is currently calling for 12-15 year olds across Australia with quirky, unique interests and knowledge for a fun.

Details can be found at Entries close September 30.

Produced by Ambience Entertainment the show will start shooting in Sydney in mid-October.


  1. When are the more auditions? I have a team together and we would love to play. We are all 14-15, and we would be really excited to be on the show.

  2. I actually got onto this show and let me tell you it was not a waste of money. This show is fun, new and is nothing like anything on ABC3 right now. Maybe you actually watch it whern it comes on before just assuming it’s gonna be crap.

  3. I am 6 years old.I love abc3 and every Thursday are class year1/2 dose sceince with Mrs Turnura.I relly love abc3 and my class is lurning about spiders and insects and we have stick insects and they are verry cool.

  4. By ‘dumbed down’ I was referring more to the overall new content on the ABC3, rather than this particular game show. Have you seen the more recent cartoon series and live action TV series shown on the ABC3? the reality TV series and their parodies are bad enough. The overall quality and variety just doesn’t compare, when compared to a few years back, or even earlier (2000s, 1990s).

    D Eisenhower:
    I have a passion for animation in general, since it gives complete creativity to the producers of animated TV series. Western animation in particular, is more aimed at children though, rather than adults (other than comedy series).

    Anime are cartoons produced in Japan, where animated series for children are usually created to higher standard (not dumbed down), and they produce more mature animated series too. ‘Web Ghost PiPoPa’ for example, manages to offer an interesting on-going story line, set in school environment, with characters that change/grow, while teaching children about different cultural elements and lesions.

    We only talked about cartoons shown in mornings/afternoons back in my school days, but there was much more variety of cartoon series back in those days (1980s/1990s).

  5. I have a 12 yr old who loves quiz shows. He enjoys Einstein Factor, particularly the kids edition, so for him this is great news! (He also loves PP and Total Drama series.)

    The official site for this seems to be at

  6. you said it stupid stew! kirben you clearly have a passion for a certain genre of television (kids television @ that) anime? is that that japanese riff raff? Although it is fair to state your opinion you must keep in mind that well, I don’t even know what anime is so I look at your posts and think what on earth are you talking about? When I was at school, the quiz show A*mazing was such a part of my life I made a maze in my own house and use to have all my friends around after school to play in the maze and find keys – only after we All ate popcorn, drank drinks and watched A*mazing together on the couch. I agree with tasmanian devil, What do you know does not looked dumb down at all – and I believe it will be much much more popular than Prank Patrol. For sure. Stupid stew its so funny I’m a year 6 teacher and I have a kid in my class called billy too!

  7. No, I’m not contradicting myself at all. I stated the ABC lacks new and quality content, in response to stupid stew. Another local game show for kids on the ABC3 doesn’t offer any variety of new content or even quality content. Especially when local game shows for kids are frequently shown by the commercial TV networks already.

    Scripted TV shows can offer a huge variety in terms of genres, the various elements (characters, settings, stories) can be dramatically different between TV shows. That ‘no variety’ comment makes no sense at all, are you literary trying to say almost all TV shows are the same?

    I’m still waiting for any real evidence that Prank Patrol is the most popular kids show. The TV ratings are decided by a small group of people (few thousand in each area), while the TV networks don’t even how many people are even watching TV. The numerous requests to be on a TV show, doesn’t reflect the actual amount of viewers either.

    • Total Action Drama is currently ABC3’s most popular show. That said Prank Patrol is not airing new eps right now. In online buzz I can tell you they went nuts for PP, more so than the more lavish My Story. Dead Gorgeous and Dance Academy would probably be next.

  8. Tasmanian de√il

    @ Kirben – You’re pretty much contradicting yourself. First you say that the ABC is wasting money making this show, then that there isn’t enough content. If ABC3 relied on scripted shows for all of their new content, there would be no variety.

    Unscripted shows don’t have to be dumbed down or poor quality. Look at Prank Patrol, I think it’s safe to say that it’s *the* most popular kids show in the country. What Do You Know could prove to be just as popular, and doesn’t look dumbed down at all.

  9. I never liked game shows for kids, even when I was a kid, and I don’t watch them. I really doubt many kids even watch those game shows, outside the competing teams, and their relations.

    When the ABC are only showing 8 new series, half which are produced by the ABC, they have a serious lack of new content.

    When the ABC drops excellent series (i.e. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fairly OddParents, New Captain Scarlet), and focuses on Australian content (with no care for quality) and reality TV rubbish, they clearly have quality issues.

    Look at the ABC’s own ABC3 forum, there is a lot of dislike (even hate) of many of their TV shows, and kids are getting tired of the constant repeats of the same old TV series.

    I still watch many good quality animated TV series (outside of TV), which are meant for kids. But I don’t think you realize that TV shows for kids don’t have to be dumbed down, and can still provide good quality in terms of characters and story telling.

    There are many excellent old (i.e. GaoGaiGar, Redwall) and new (Detective Conan, Sgt. Frog, Web Ghost PiPoPa) around, that are been overlooked by the ABC. Anime series in particular, which kids are actually asking for (see their forum again), and usually aren’t dumbed down for kids either.

  10. Kirben i think the best way to describe you is a massive fun sponge. You probably don;t have kids and you are watching kids programs – including kids quiz shows and answering all the questions before the little kiddies and thinking you’re the man. Well reality check buddy, i am a teacher of a grade 4 class and they all absolutely love ABC3 and this show has created hype in my class. Get with the Demo dude, and post some more comments you keyboard warrior!

  11. What a complete waste of money, kids don’t need another long running game show. We get more than enough game shows via the commercial TV networks, because they are easy to produce.

    I have given up on the ABC3 ever providing any decent content for kids.

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