Bonogin becomes Terra Nova

The tiny rural enclave of Bonogin on the Gold Coast hinterland is said to be home to a few hundred residents, a general store and not much else.

But it will become a key location in Steven Spielberg’s $150m dinosaur series Terra Nova.

The Courier Mail reports it is a good choice for the project, with its sweeping valleys and meandering creeks very much reminiscent of the land before time.

Pre-production crews have been in Bonogin for several weeks working on the location set, and providing a steady stream of business for the otherwise slow-paced Bonogin General Store.

Several buildings are under construction and extras are being cast for a one week shoot in Brisbane prior to the Gold Coast.

The series will premiere on TEN.

Source: Courier Mail


  1. The fact that we have gum trees in Bonogin is irrelevant. Very few tree species that existed with the dinosaurs are present today in any significant numbers.
    Surely any potential viewers would be paying more attention to the dinosaurs.

  2. A good location would have been in Carnarvon Gorge National Park in the Central Highlands.
    Walking through the Gorge you almost expect to see a Dinosaur around the next corner.

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