Conan’s band leader quits

It's official. After 17 years Max Weinberg will part ways with Conan O'Brien when the comedian returns to late night television.

It’s official. After 17 years Max Weinberg will part ways with Conan O’Brien when the comedian returns to late night television.

“Max has been a huge part of my life for the past 17 years and he is an incredible band leader and musician,” O’Brien said this week. “I hope he can find time to stop by the new show, sit in with the band, and pretend to find my monologue funny.”

Weinberg said, “Seventeen years -a lifetime on TV. Conan and I met on a New York City street corner in the spring of 1993 and my association with Conan, his staff, and crew has been a deeply rewarding experience for me.”

House band member Jimmy Vivino will replace Weinberg when Conan premieres on TBS in November. A new name for the band has not been revealed.

The announcment was of Weinberg’s exit was widely expected after he formed and toured the Max Weinberg Big Band, following O’Brien’s troubles with NBC.

It remains to be seen where Conan may yet land on Australian television.

Source: Variety

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  1. The teamcoco site looks very amusing – he has a countdown clock to when he is on air again – forget The Event, Boardwalk Empire etc, the show I am most looking forward to is Conan

  2. My comment from yesterday you removed mentioned nothing of torrent sites or of illegal downloads – I said ‘4 downloads a week’ referring to legally downloading the Conan show from the Conan site, if not the whole show the main parts…cheers David.

  3. I just posted here but it has dissapeared/not been included

    anyway you should be able to legally download the show, or at least all the main skits plus interviews on Conans site – this was possible in the past for Conans shows

  4. Conan will return to the Comedy Channel for sure.He was a ratings success last time round,until his show was axed in the US,a show he still should be hosting.Foxtel would be crazy not to take the show on

  5. Less then 40 days until Conan starts and no Australian channel has bought the rights yet? I’m shocked. Whats the point of having so many channels if so many shows are not going to be shown? …the year Australian TV features Conan again could be some way off, for this to happen you may have to wait well into the future…all the way to the year 3000.

  6. Conan would be great on Go. The channel feels like it could do with a few more regular shows to build a brand around. Currently, the quality of shows can be great, or poor – and is always changing.

  7. I want Jay Leno , Jimmy Fallon , Jimmy Kimmel , Craig Ferguson and Conan to all find permanent slots but The Comedy Channel is not going to help with this.
    Free to air channels should take at least one of these.
    Don’t waste your time with The Comedy Channel if you like late night chat shows.

  8. I have a feeling Conan’s new show will end up being shown on GO!, but if the comedy channel picks up the show they have to bring back Leno & Fallon as well, that should help the comedy channel’s ratings.

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