Corrine Grant: Today Tonight “lied to me.”

Comedian Corrine Grant has slammed Today Tonight, accusing the Seven show of lying to her.

“Yey. Got screwed on Today Tonight.Thorough misrepresentation of my book and of me. TT lied to me. Should have known…” she wrote on her Twitter feed.

Grant had agreed to be interviewed about her book in which she admits to a habit for collecting.

She told TT she had collected pencils, school bags, school uniforms, socks -a habit which wrote about for her new book, Lessons in Letting Go. She has also previously spoken about it in her live comedy show Have My Stuff (pictured).

TT described it as an “uncontrollable obsession” for hoarding, accompanied by video footage of extreme hoarders, with backyards overflowing with car parts and fridges.

TT said, “While we associate the typical hoarder with junkyards spilling into neighbours yards, Corinne’s obsession was a closely-guarded secret until she snapped.”

It included comment from Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicholas Marlowe about obsessive compulsive disorders and footage from Hoarders which screens on the Bio channel and a firefighter who says houses of hoarded junk can cause dangerous fires.

But Grant, who has since explained she doesn’t even have a backyard, says her Publicist believed the story was meant to portray a different angle.

“Interview was s’posed 2 about how only hoarders shown on TV are extreme ones & that my book is about the hoarder in all of us,” she wrote.

“My book is about ordinary everyday hoarders, not the 5% ones that they made me out to be. They did a dodgy on me!

“Only time I’m going to ask people to buy my book, just so you can see it’s a funny, uplifting story-not the sh*t portrayed on Today Tonight!

Grant, who is also presenter of Seven’s Air Ways, went as far as to say,”There is no denying I was a d***head for believing their pitch. I only have myself to blame!”

The TT story aired on the same night A Current Affair profiled a Melbourne man whose home was being forcibly cleaned up by local council.

Seven is yet to comment on Grant’s claims.

You can watch the video here.


  1. Aww poor connie. She should toughen up though. She has spent years making fun and exaggerating facts about people etc. And when it’s done to her, she is all tears… I find it funny. At how many comedians have no sence of humour at all when it comes to themselves.

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