Curtain up on X Factor live

TV Tonight joined with other media in the audience for Seven’s first live performance show of The X Factor at Fox Studios.

With so much on the line, Seven is pursuing maximum coverage for this one. In attendance were press from The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Herald Sun, The Age, TV Week, Woman’s Day, Fairfax, Fairfax radio, Austereo and more.

The stage looks amazing and dwarfs what TEN used for Australian Idol. It’s so big it leaves some 16 year old solo singers struggling to claim the space.

But the audience loved some acts, notably 32yo James McNally, already looking like the Adam Lambert of the contest.

The cheering audience gave the show all it wanted, even if some were expected to stand in the wings.

In attendance too were Seven publicists, plus Kylie Gillies, Michael Pell, Ada Nicodemou, Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell. But the warm-up man admitted he didn’t watch Home and Away in favour of ABC News. Ooops.

The production values of the show, with pyrotechnics, billowing smoke, dancers and more helped dress the show on a competitive night.


  1. Best way to judge the success of X Factor is to see how high the winner goes in the charts. No. 1 looking highly doubtful at this stage.

    @ salf – Kyle cares? So he didn’t care on Idol but now he suddenly does care? How do you figure that one?

  2. i fast forwarded through most of it. i liked kharizma, but found the one with the awful haircut to be annoying during the critiquing section. the younger guys were woeful! how embarrassing! the younger girls were okay, the last one was dull as dishwater though. whoever thought it was a bright idea to play music over the leadin needs their head red!

    the judges were a bit much. i usually love kyle but he was so arrogant, i cant see simon cowell liking that too much. it was rude of him to bring up the issues with amanda. as far as we saw she looked alright, but he threw a spanner in to make us second guess her. (Thank goodness I would not waste money voting! Ha ha!) if ronan has to worry about his contestant forgetting the words, then he doesnt deserve to be there. way overboard with altyan.

    @joey – jamie covered rihanna’s song.

    watched a bit of xtra factor..i dont think it needs to be on for so long, once their done and you get their initial reaction theres not much that needs to be said. the results show xtra factor would be alright, especially if an upset happens.

  3. I think the show is brilliant. The set and production values are world class. It’s about time an Aussie network put some decent cash in. I honestly think that the show would suit a Monday/Tuesday schedule. If it is renewed they should seriously consider making it a weeknight event . Seven has a better track record with event tv on weeknights. Dwts, Agt. And the figures for The X Factor when it was screened on a Tuesday were fantastic.
    Also I really think that Masterchef will fall from grace next year. Remember Idol season 3?

  4. Who is styling the singers? The girls with fabulous voices had no business wearing mini skirts. It was distracting. The last act was dressed as a pirate.
    I really want to like this show. I will give it one more chance.

  5. i was quite entertained by both the main show and the Xtra Factor. it has a significant extra something that idol never had. maybe it’s as kyle said: the judges actally care what the contestants are like. if the show isn’t a sucess it won’t be becuause of the content of the show.

  6. Whoa. I watched this so I could watch Junior Masterchef without the ads and boy oh, this was baaaaad.

    The talent was not there. Guys singing girls songs?….ooooo “edgy”. Umbrella has been done to death. The show felt hollow.

    Also, I don’t know what Luke Jacobz was playing at when he began the show by saying “the only show 100% live around Australia”. How about the half hour delay for here in SA and 1.5 hour delay in WA?

    This show is a turkey and is all about irrelevant judges egos than actual talent.

  7. The Xtra Factor on 7Two was a bit rough around the edges to say the least. Good use of comments, much like the twitter feed on Q&A. Funny how Kyle Sandilands refused to go on Xtra Factor though. Interesting to hear his comments on radio this morning.

  8. The stage is identical to the UK one – both in it’s massiveness and awesomeness! Bravo 7 for shelling out the cash to do so, it truly puts Idol to shame!
    The show was great last night – apart from 2-3 average performances, I thought there was a Lot of talent up on that stage!
    Obviously this’ll get smashed by junior masterchef again but Hopefully not as badly this week!!

  9. I saw most of the opening episode last night and the pyrotechnics and lighting were spectacular, best viewed in high definition if you have a TV at home (or better still, book a ticket and see it in person). You can see the change when you switch to The Xtra Factor on 7TWO which is broadcast in SD. Last night was the only time the live performance was broadcast in HD before 7mate begins on Saturday. Talk about bad timing. Seven should consider showing the grand final in November on both the main channel and 7mate.

  10. The X Factor Extra show was woeful however. It made Hotdogs Uplate Gameshow look professional. They need a different host, someone who can actually think quickly and not just repeat, ‘ladies and gentlemen, your judges’ five times within two minutes while she tries to think of something to say.

  11. The stage may look impressive, but for me it is still mutton dressed as lamb. Some the acts were less than impressive, other acts were great. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of this type of show, however it just looks like Australian Idol with a face lift. I do give credit to the host. For his first live hosting gig, he did ok. I am sure as the shows go on he will get better. Will I keep watching it?, probably but only if there is nothing better on. I give the overall result about a 7/10.

  12. I thought the show was pretty underwhelming to be honest, as the production seems a little amateurish, including the sound.

    At the beginning when Luke Jacobz first appeared, they played this Really Annoying background elevator music for about two minutes, almost drowning him out.

    I thought James was rather iOTA-ish rather than Adam Lambert-ish, although he dressed like Adam.

    And the kid that sang Rihanna’s ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’? That was a Jamie Cullum song, and nobody picked up on it, not even his mentor Kyle. Guy Sebastian even mentioned he should be a Jamie Cullum type of singer but then criticised the song choice! Duh!

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