Eleven pitches for the next big thing

Eleven pairs with the SPAA Conference to search for young producers with fresh new ideas.

ELEVEN has paired with the Screen Producer’s conference to find “the next big thing.”

An initiative known as “ELEVEN out of TEN” is calling for entries for a new television series or special aimed at youth, with a view to being part of the new digital channel.

The pitch contest is open to anyone living in Australia “who thinks they know what it takes to excite an audience. Network TEN is seeking proposals for either a television series or special. It can be anything from comedy, to observational documentary, light entertainment or drama, as long as it holds a strong appeal for a youthful audience.”

Five finalists will be selected to pitch their concept to a panel of judges during the SPAA Conference in Sydney in mid-November. Each will receive a full 3-day registration at the 2010 SPAA Conference with travel and accommodation to be provided by TEN.

David Mott, TEN’s chief programming officer said, “Young producers, fresh new ideas and a unique voice are things ELEVEN will celebrate and this development grant is the perfect way for us to kick start what we think will be a long and successful project for our premium new channel.”

The pitch must include a performance component such as “videos, performances, PowerPoint and interpretative dance!”

Applications close 5pm Friday 15 October 2010.

Guidelines and application forms are available at spaa.org.au/conference

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  1. All regional viewers join this group on Facebook if you want to put pressure SC 10 into launching 11 when it launches in Metro area’s.

  2. The list of channels in regional area’s on the Freeview website has a Coming Soon in the blank spot so I’m guessing that mean’s regional area’s are going to get Eleven.

  3. I haven’t heard anything about eleven being on sc10 but i think there is a good chance because Tasmania is getting 7mate in October, Broken Hill is getting Nine so it is possible for eleven to go on channel 55 but I will be very disappointed if they don’t carry eleven though.

  4. i disagree with david on this one. i don’t think elevens programming list is that impressive. all other channels have gone out and bought shows especially for the channel that fit the target demo. all of elevens shows are stuff that have been dumped off ten or dredged out ot their output deals whether it fits the 13-29 demo or not.
    and most of them surely cannot be primetime shows all those CW shows that are years behind could only be 10:30 shows at the best. like gossip girl on GO!.

  5. David, my mistake, you are right, Ten has been mainly chasing the 18-49 for the last few years, which I guess is hardly surprising considering their only major successes are family orientated shows, rather than restrictive programmes aimed at youth. I guess the 16-39 is still ingrained in my psyche.

    David, that is your opinion. Better content? What all the shows that failed on Ten?

  6. Sounds crap. At least it will be another failure notched up by Ten by proxy of Eleven.

    I find it really amusing reading some comments like it’s going to be the second coming. Especially from Ryaneco, who strangely never has a bad word to say about Ten or its programmes.

    It will be yet another youth orientated show that will either be dummed down (Heartbreak High), missed its target completely (So You Think You Can Dance) or flop outright (Too many to mention).

    It speaks volumes that the past year Ten has been cosistently losing their coveted demo, which says that they are out of touch of which 16-39 want to watch. So how are they expected to find a television show aimed at youth? Who’s to say if one good idea does get the go ahead that the network won’t interfere and ruin the programme like they have before?

  7. In stark contrast to GO! spamming Big Bang Theory, it looks like someone’s finally doing something right. I think this is a fantastic idea to get fresh content and engage the public. Looking forward to it!

  8. THis is a great idea and its another reason why the other 2 commercial networks will just keep going backwards. Good on you TEN for trying something new, if this works then you can bet that the other 2 commercial networks will steal it. Reg Grundy would be proud.

  9. I agree with ryaneco – Eleven is really shaping up to be a true commercial digital channel alternative and not just a dumping ground for shows which didn’t rate well on Ten. This is a great idea by Eleven/Ten and just shows how much effort is going in to the new channel.

  10. Eleven is going to absolutely pave the way in terms of multichanneling; Ten are really 100% treating this as its absolutely own network and I love that.

    Seems very similar to stations like E4 in the UK.

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