GEM: First week Guide

GEM has released its Guide just a day after its announcement by Nine.

The channel will begin on air at 12 midday Friday September 24th ahead of its official launch on Sunday 26th.

The first titles will be the classic movies Singin in’ the Rain (1952) followed by Gypsy (1962).

Like GO! the channel is built around block programming which repeats across the day and late night.

In its schedule for the week of Sept 27, weekdays offer a simulcast of Today until 9am followed by a mix of lifestyle, comedy, drama and movies including Alive and Cooking, The Zoo (NZ), The New Adventures of Old Christine, Friends, The Alice. A movie airs at midday while afternoons feature Getaway, McLeod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol, and more repeats.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will also replay the daily episode following an earlier screening on Nine.

Primetime scheduling varies on different nights but includes:

6:30pm Wife Swap USA
7:30pm Random Acts of Kindness
8:30pm Movie

6:30pm Friends
7:00pm The Zoo (NZ)
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm Movie

7:30pm Secret Millionaire USA
8:30pm Cold Case
9:30pm Movie

7:30pm Who Do You Think You Are?
8:30pm CSI
9:30pm The Big C (Premiere)
10:00pm Weeds (S6 premiere)
10:30pm Secret Diary of a Call Girl

7:30pm How Clean Is Your House
8:00pm Neighbours at War
8:30pm Marco Pierre White’s Chopping Block
9:30pm The F Word
10:30pm Amazing Medical Stories

7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm Holiday Showdown
9:30pm Movie

6:30pm Deadly Surf
7:00pm Animal Emergency
7:30pm A Year with the Royal Family
8:30pm Movie
10:45pm Movie

No sport is scheduled for its first full week.

Regional viewers can see GEM on WIN SNSW (excluding Griffith), WIN Qld, WIN Vic, and WIN Tas.

GEM will launch in Darwin on October 4th.

A full Guide is available at TV Tonight’s Advance Guides.


  1. This looks like a terrible channel. They should’ve done 9Cinema in HD. Would’ve appealed to more people.

    Also, has 9 actually watched Weeds besides seeing a female lead character? It is definitely not skewed at over-35 females. Should be on GO.

  2. Looks like Foxtel will air GEM through the current NineHD channel (209) as the EPG lists the Singin in the Rain and Gypsy movies for Friday 24th – hence no wait for GEM as we had to do with GO!

  3. Curtis from Abu Dhabi

    I totally agree with Andrew_81, why don’t the networks want to show good classic Australian shows on the new digital platform!!! – for example, Crawford classics, Grundy game shows and great aussie cinema and mini-series. I also would be glued to any channel showing just some of this great stuff, bring back Cop Shop, Sullivans, Carsons Law, Matlock Police, Glenview High, Homicide, Family Feud, New Price is Right (Turpies’ as well as Larry’s), Wheel of Fortune, Fast Forward, Police Rescue, GP, Water Rats, Prisoner, Rafferty’s Rules, ACP, Sale of the Century, Don Lane and Paul Hogan Shows. There is this strong pre-occupation with American rubbish. We have a fine heritage of TV which would capture strong interest amongst a new generation – at least for a few hours each week on 7Mate, GEM, ABC and Eleven.

  4. good to see Weeds returning – a great show. Hopefully i remember it’s on, unlike Season 5 where i missed half the shows (note to myslelf: there are programss on digital channels!!!!)

  5. Why can’t they create a channel for just Australian shows? like the old classics and game shows, repeats of In Melbourne Tonight and Dont Forget Your Toothbrush etc.. just all the Aussie shows wem grew up with. I would watch that 24/7!

  6. @ steph i totally agree with you.

    The one thing this channel and all the other new channels need to get into theirs heads is when they start a show keep it at that time every week till the season is finished. If they start moving things aroung mid season i will be turning off!

  7. in reply to “Why did nine need to use the same font for Gem as Ten use for One? Compare the E’s.”

    oh please, and it’s the same E as in Ellen – crikey, has this place just become a whinge fest for disgruntled former employees, and wannabee’s?

  8. What a uninviting line up. Apart from ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ (what a corker!) and Weeds, really what’s there to offer this 30-35yo female. Where’s the new fresh stuff guys?

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