Gone: Human Target

When a show isn't working, just get something from Chuck Lorre and wallpaper it over the timeslot.

Now what was Reg Grundy saying about shows being taken off air overnight, again….? And what did TV Tonight readers recently rate as their #1 Free to Air gripe? Not playing out a series.

Welcome to the brutal world of commercial television programming in 2010.

Human Target will be fired from GO! as from next week. That will be 6 of its 12 eps aired.

The drama, starring Mark Valley, had been airing at 8:30pm Wednesdays prior to Spartacus: Blood and Sand. After tomorrow night’s episode it will be replaced by -you guessed it- Two and a Half Men. At 9pm The Inbetweeners will repeat.

Meanwhile more Big Bang Theory eps move into Tuesdays at 8:30pm in place of Seinfeld, joined by Inbetweeners at 9pm. That makes 3 nights a week for the Chuck Lorre comedy: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (when it really rates for GO!).

How long will it be before Big Bang and 2.5 Men are plugging holes on GEM too?

UPDATE: Nine advises it will be back in a few weeks.

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  1. David doesn’t that make it 4 days a week for Big Bang

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday ?

    And what happens when or if new episodes come to Ch 9 on Oct 4th, will we end up with

    Big Bang new episode on Monday (repeat episode on GO) So 2 episodes
    Tuesday (repeat on GO) So 1 episode
    Wednesday (repeat on GO) so 1 episode
    Thursday ( repeat on go) so 1 or 2 episodes
    Sunday (repeat on go) usually doubles so

    Will we end up with 1 new episode on Nine and 7 repeat episodes on go? I think this is over saturation.

  2. I must be slow – I didn’t get the “Gone” pun in this blog title right away – took me a day.

    Still GO!’s own blog title and matching picture is even more ironic
    “Human Target in our sights…”
    with a shotgun pointed at the lead character.

  3. Laclustre ratings ? Meh… I think it maybe has something to do with the comedy lineup on 7 mate….

    It is a big coincidence that go! will have comedy now on the same 2 days that 7 mate does.

    Family guy vs repeats of Inbetweeners.

    I guarantee that is the reason.

  4. I just contacted Ch 9 here in Qld, & I was told that ‘Human Target’ was taken off due to its lacklustre ratings. I was also told that it will return sometime soon. They have no clue when?.

    I complained that I wasn’t happy that Ch 9 hasn’t shown the final 5 eps of CSI Miami s8 & also all of CSI NY s6 here in qld yet. They think that movies are great ratings winners. They also claim that us viewers want a lot more repeats of Two & half Men, BBT & The middle shown on both 9 & GO. But instead, we can’t stand over excess reapeats of those 3 shows. Ch 9 programmers don’t see them as ‘gapfillers’, but as ratings earners.

    Ch 9 are the masters of spin & backflipping.

  5. And people wonder why torrenting still happens? Seriously, with bull*** treatment like this, how can we – the supposed loyal viewers – actually watch and support a show when it gets bent over like this?

  6. The quickest way to kill most shows is to broadcast them ad nauseum. Only exceptional shows like M*A*S*H, Faulty Towers, Mother & Son and some of the classics can really be on air several times a week without people growing weary of them. This is particularly so with most of the newer sitcoms which are based on the most negative neurosis. The only reason the characters in Friends, Sex & The City or Seinfeld and other such shows hung out together was because no-one else in their right mind would want to. They are OK to watch once a week, but when they are stripped they become not only boring but actually unpleasant. When will programmers realise that small doses is the way to go with these characters. The really long lasting shows have characters you Like or characters so bland you hardly notice them and it’s the action you watch (CSI Law&Order etc). Free TV is just pushing more people to Pay TV by their behaviour and arrogance – or my case DVDs

  7. Another stupid decision made by the a**h*les at channel nine. I hope channel 9 burn in hell with all their stupid decisions, at least Ten wait for a show to finish it’s run first unless it’s ratings really low. What are Nine going to do once the Big Bang Theory and 2 and a 1/2 men ends and re-runs aren’t rating high anymore?

  8. With 3 channels there for 9 there should be somewhere failed rating shows can go , same with channel 7 , ch 10 doesn’t have or won’t have three entertainment like channels so doesn’t have the luxury.

    Look they tried a new show in the slot, it didn’t rate, as long as they reschedule it at a newer time and stick to it I would be happy. What people are annoyed at is the show won’t be on and unless they know about sites like this they won’t know what is going on.

    All commercial channels are hostage to their ratings.

    So to sum up, with shows like The Middle etc as long as they find a better timeslot for shows which they have done quite well with shows The Hills, The Middle, Chuck then GO! is no different to ch 72 or Ch 10 which is a channel that relies on advertising and ratings to survive.

    I read when GO! started they would try to reschedule shows that didn’t work out and by the sentence in Davids article saying “Nine says it will return” then they are at least trying to play it out. Chuck was moved to midnight and it was all played out ! It was just that they nver informed the people that don’t know about these sites.

    By the way on the topic of rescheduling, I think Seven Two is rescheduling Reaper for October from what I have heard.

  9. Remember the lame excuse when GO! rearranged their schedule?
    “GO! has listened to its viewers and pushed back the times of some of your favourite shows to accommodate your late-night viewing habits. ”

    What will it be this time?

    “GO! has listened to its viewers who are confused by the introduction of GEM, 7mate, daylight saving and footy finals. Therefore we’ve bumped some of your favourite shows so you can have a lie down”

    “GO! has listened to its viewers with PVRs who skip our ads so we’re skipping some of your favourite shows and you can watch the ads on the ABC during the Gruen Transfer”

    Fans may want to let their feelings known on GO!’s blog

  10. I gave up on Nine a long time ago, and have not watched it for nearly two years.

    Not only do they not start or finish their programs on time, so you can’t record them if you are not at home, but they chop and change their schedule so often it is hard to keep up.

    I have been giving GO a chance, hoping that they improve on the mistakes that Nine makes, however am thinking of blocking the channels from my TV all together as it is becomming a huge waste of time to chase their shows around the schedule.

  11. All CSI’s (new) should be moved to GEM then if they don’t do well. GEM will then be the home of pretty much all the csi’s , cold case and the closer.

    That is still far to much Big Bang Theory, that means in the week commencing sept 26 th we will have big bang on Sunday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday.
    And Sunday will be double episodes ! so that is 5 episodes in a week, plus that will be the third time we now we will be seeing Inbetweeners. They should only air the series if they have the intention of showing Season 3 , or they should just air new Season 3 now.

    In week commencing oct 3 there is a tba for Sunday 7.30pm and Thursday 8.30pm so maybe Big Bang will be moved from those days ?

    Why Big Bang (Yes it does rate), but also what about Fringe and Community (they also do well ) so why not instead of giving us 150 hrs a week of Big Bang give us new shows !

    And if a show doesn’t do well, reschedule it the following week (like Ch 7 does) and put it at a later timeslot like 11pm or something.

  12. Sometimes GO! just does these things because they want to help out their main channel. For example, those three hour Two and a Half Men marathons on Sunday nights recently, were because Nine had CSI and it wasn’t doing as well as it should have been. Maybe they want something stronger at 8:30 in case The Boss is Coming to Dinner is not so successful.

  13. I wonder if Nine read the comments on this page and that is why all of a sudden there is an update saying it will be back in a few weeks. Makes me wonder sometimes !

    Here is an idea, it should be on at a later timeslot

    It could go to the timeslot of (currently free)

    Tuesday at 10.30pm
    Friday at 10.30pm
    Thursday at 10.30pm
    Friday at 10.30pm
    Sunday at 10.30pm
    Saturday at 10.30pm

    Who wants to bet the next amendement will be Drop Dead Diva ? It was on last year at a 10.30pm timeslot , why is it all of a sudden at 7.30pm ? Will be interesting to see how it goes. It may work up against a more male oriented Top Gear

    Now that Nine and Seven have 3 channels there is no excuse to not play out a show.

    Will be interesting to see if any of Nine’s channels change due to 7 mate’s lineup.

  14. I gave up on Human Target after 3 episodes. However I know of several people who enjoyed it and who will be very upset that it’s been yanked from the schedule .

    As usual, Channel 9 is treating its viewers with the same contempt it has shown them for years. No wonder it’s regarded as the worst of the FTA channels.

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