Grant Denyer hosts Iron Chef Australia

Grant Denyer has been announced as host of Seven’s version of Iron Chef Australia, currently filming in Melbourne.

The adaptation of the long-running Japanese cooking show sees aspiring professional cooks in a “kitchen stadium” using wild ingredients such as such as live squid and live large octopi. They will face off against Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Brahimi.

Judging will be Sydney food critic and Ovation channel personality Leo Schofield, plus Fairfax food critic Larissa Dubecki and News Limited’s Simon Thomsen.

Commentating with Denyer is Fairfax writer Richard Cornish.

Iron Chef America‘s “Chairman” Mark Dacascos also repeats his role.

“This is an exciting new challenge for me,” Denyer said. β€œI’m not a foodie. I’m as green as a capsicum when it comes to food. Living on the road with Sunrise, my cuisine consists of two-minute noodles and chiko rolls. I’m going to enjoy being inspired by great food and talented chefs. It’s a huge honour to be involved.”


  1. what most of you Bozos dont understand is Denyer is on the ‘personality payroll’ , i.e. he is being paid a kings ranson to do stuff and if the $even Execs buy a show they need to get a host and whoever is on the roster is assigned that gig. It’s not a question about whether the audience approves of it or not. People often forget TV is business not an obligation.

  2. I thought he “left” Sunrise a year or more ago amid tears and a big finale? Wasn’t he heading off to live the married life and do other things?

    Now we can’t seem to get rid of him.

  3. Iron Chef is a cult classic, that’s where its success lies. To have one of the most overexposed hosts on Australian TV hosting the local version, it means that the producers have no idea and are just trying to make TV for the sake of their jobs, rather than making quality programming.


  4. Omg are u serious lmao! Wat a fail!!! They need to give some new ppl a chance. They screwed up x factir ruby rose ahud have hosted that. These generic same old guys are so over. Grant is so unoriginal and painful to watch. How sad…. This will fail epically.

  5. Grant Denyer, Tom Williams, Andrew O’keefe = lets give them something else to host where they have no clue.
    Silly, sill move especially when you get that elite group of chefs and have the Iron Chef name.

  6. You have got to be bloody kidding me. I love Iron Chef, have been waiting for a local version for ages, was excited to hear Seven were doing a local version. But Grant Denyer??? Nope sorry Seven won’t be watching now.

  7. Do they just slot Denyer into any vacant hosting job?
    He was fine just doing the weather, or one of those talent shows but definitely overexposed now. Couldn’t they just get one of those jobless Great Outdoors people or something. Sigh.

  8. Why do we need a Australian version? I’ve seen the American one. And it just hasn’t got that.. I don’t know. What ever it is that makes the Japanese one so great.
    @shelly . So what if he isn;t a “foodie” If you listen to the Japanese iron chef.
    Their host is clueless when it comes to some of the dishes. Which is good. Because they ask questions that all of us other non foodies might want to know.
    Anyway. I won’t be watching this.

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