Lost stars unite for new Pilot

Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn will reportedly reunite for a new project as suburban hit men.

Lost fans will note with interest a Pilot order by NBC for a comedic drama project from J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot Productions -starring Michael Emerson (‘Benjamin Linus’) and Terry O’Quinn (‘John Locke’).

The two stars had been shopping around for ideas for a TV show, keen to work together once more.

New York Magazine’s Vulture reports NBC got the project despite strong interest from ABC and FOX, both of which were intrigued by the idea of ‘Ben Linus’ and ‘John Locke’s’ alter-egos teaming up again.

The project had been known as Odd Jobs but is now technically untitled. Emerson mentioned earlier this year that he’d want to star as a suburban hit man, a la Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Abrams is an executive producer but the writer / producers are Josh Appelbaum (Alias, October Road, Life on Mars) and Andre Nemec (October Road, Alias).

Abrams is also developing telemovie Anatomy of Hope for HBO, Alcatraz for FOX and Undercovers premieres today on NBC.

Source: NYMag

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  1. Awesome! I was so hoping all the “jokes” that Michael and Terry made in interviews over the last couple of years about them working together in a TV series would come true!
    Now we just need Jorge Garcia (Hurley) to be a recurring guest and we are set! lol

  2. Richo, that’s not the way TV development works. This show will be vying for a spot next TV season.

    And oh god, these guys are writing? Three commercial and critical failures in a row and they’re still working?

  3. Sounds promising. Michael and Terry were my two favourite actors/characters in Lost and I’m pretty happy with anything J.J. Abrams has a hand in, even MI III and Felicity (well, first season anyway).

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