Networks step-up online catchups

TV Networks are lifting their game when it comes to speedily adding episodes to their online platforms.

TV Networks are lifting their game when it comes to speedily adding episodes to their online platforms.

A quick check of key sites last night indicated all 5 Free to Air networks had added Sunday shows online. That’s good news for everyone.

Plus7 had added The X Factor and Sunday Night clips.

NineMSN had added 60 Minutes (a transcript would be added by Monday). FIXPlay had also added Home Cooked with Julie Goodwin.

TEN had added Junior MasterChef clips but not Offspring.

SBS had added Mad Men and Dateline.

ABC’s iView had added Compass and Life but not Midsomer Murders.

Understandably, some networks won’t add content until after programmes have aired in Perth. Several include sponsor content.

While there is still room for improvement, it’s much better than it was a year ago or two ago when everything was getting added the next working day. Networks are now showing an understanding that viewers expect immediacy. If you’ve missed it on TV, you’ll turn pretty quickly to online to view it there.

If you know of any shows that are too slow in being added to catch-up sites, feel free to tell the rest of us about it.

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  1. I’d really like to see the catchup services made available for iOS devices across the board (iPad, iPhone, AppleTV)—there is no ignoring the fact that people do actually use these devices to watch video content.

    Oh, and whatever happened to PLUS7 for the PS3? Was it so buggy that it’s been canned completely?…

  2. It’s true – it’s a vast improvement to that of 1 year ago, however let’s face it – they’re catching up to 2004-5 when this was standard practise for most shows in the US.

    The quality of these shows when streamed is equal to that of 2005 too – why? Seriously – why is it that in nearly 2011 we are being streamed shows which are of similar quality to those being pirated in the dial-up era? (I don’t encourage pirating, just saying).

    Commercial FTA, or heaven forbid, FreeView as a whole, decided to actually *do something* productive, they license iView and make it the standard means of delivery.

  3. David, may I just add that SBS’s web-player has had Mad Men since it started last year? The same with Dateline, but unlike other non-news related programs, is in sections (by story).

    I rate the FTA networks & their catch up services as best to worst:
    1) ABC
    2) SBS
    3) Seven
    4) Nine
    5) Do TEN even have one? 🙂

  4. It’s a pity that all the networks couldn’t come to a uniform catch up platform instead of each network doing their own thing. iView is definietly the best of the lot and is the benchmark that the others should aspire to. Ten’s is OK and I’ve only used 7Plus a couple of times. I have no intention of using Fixplay. I’ve got enough s*@# on my computer without having to install another application so that Fixplay will run!

    Having the content of iView omitted from download charges is also a major plus. Hopefully the others will be able to negotiate something similar.

  5. I have no trouble watching ‘Offsrping’ online…..or finding it quickly…and I am an older…not very tech. minded person……..so it has to be easy…..*G*
    I watch it online because I like to also watch ‘Midsommer Murders” (who would live in that place….LOL)….and I cannot get that online……..
    The only complaint I would have about it…..unlike other shows I have watched online….that run straight through…..Offspring keeps refreshing about half a dozen times or so…..and also has short adds for milk and Tens shows in the middle….a little annoying….

  6. David, here’s one: the episode of Number 96 when the delicatessen was bombed, was shown on 5 September but has yet to be made available by Ten. I think 35 years is stretching the friendship a bit. 😉

  7. Channel 10 are pretty slow to add shows like Glee & Offspring. Would be nice if they actually indicated somewhere on their website what time they add shows so you don’t have to keep checking the website every few minutes!

  8. I always watch the ABC iView for my shows, and find that they’re typically uploaded within anywhere from 15-30 minutes after the show ended. Sometimes longer, but usually before two hours at the latest.

    That’s for those that I watch. Others I’m not sure about.

    Some shows aren’t shown on iView, but looking at the iView forums, certain shows the ABC doesn’t have agreements for them to be able to make them available digitally through the Internet.

    Overall, though, my personal opinion is that iView is awesome and I loves it. 😉

  9. It’s a shame that the commercial catchup facilities feel rather shambled together compared to the excellent ABC iView.

    I would also like to see some more support for non-flash video delivery and browsing of the services. Modern devices like iPad would be perfect for viewing this content, were it available without flash.

    1. No question iView beats them all in overall service. But on this occasion I was interested in the speed with which content is uploaded, because it’s been sluggish for a while. A quick visit yesterday suggested things are improving, but I’m keen to hear from more readers about this aspect.

  10. Insiders always seems to take a long time to get to iView. It’s usually there by Sunday night but it can take that long. The business show and Offsiders are often available before Insiders even though Insiders airs first.

    But I shouldn’t complain really, iView is brilliant.

  11. funnily enough, Ep7 (?) of Burn Notice last Thursday is not up on Channel 10 website yet. They usually have the Burn Notice Ep online the next day, Friday mornings.

    unless there wasnt an episode on last thrusday?

  12. Just a general comment on the entire online catchup landscape.
    I really like how Fixplay keep up huge catalogues of shows, sometimes even multiple seasons.
    Unlike Plus7and iView who only keep up shows for about 2 weeks.
    iView is understandable given how much it costs (in the millions). As for Plus7 it makes no sense as they run ads.

  13. Fixplay can run and jump.

    I can’t afford to look at anything using this.

    The amount of data this uses for a show is about double of other viewers and the quality is very poor.

    Have another look at this Nine.

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