Nine awarded for Winter Games

The Nine Network was last night awarded for its coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Lausanne, Switzerland, last night.

It picked up two of the four categories at the Olympic Golden Rings Awards for excellence in Olympic broadcasting, presented by the International Olympic Committee.

Nine won Bronze for the Best Olympic Program award for its combined entry of both the Vancouver Live and Vancouver Gold broadcasts.

Gold went to NBC and Silver to China’s CCTV.

Nine also won Silver in the Best Olympic Feature category for its Last Man Standing vignette, depicting Bradbury’s unlikely gold medal win in the men’s short track 1,000 metre speed skating event at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Steve Crawley, Head of Sport for the Nine Network said, “These awards are testament to the tireless efforts of our world-class team of professionals who strived to produce the most spectacular sporting telecast this country has ever seen.

“Our coverage represented the biggest investment by an Australian broadcaster in Olympic Winter Games history. We’re now focussing on London 2012 and I am confident that those games will set a new benchmark for sports broadcasting in this country.”

Nine sent a team of 70 to Vancouver, far fewer than the 3000 from NBC.


  1. Foxtel had coverage worthy of winning awards B)

    Nine’s was poor – although I still though it was Much better than 7 have done in the last few olympics. At least we saw Australian gold medals live.

  2. That is a joke. The coverage was terrible, especially of a night when it seemed twice as much time was spent int the studio than actually showing events. Trying to watch the ice skating was a lot of waiting and then missing because we gave up waiting.

  3. Well done Channel Nine for winning and it’s good to see a Chinese broadcaster winning Silver and restricting the number of commercials during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies is a huge plus for Nine.

    NBC cut-off the last 30 closing ceremony coverage and broadcasted the Marriage Ref 😀

  4. I don’t understand how Nine won a prize like this (and Seven for their 2008 olympics) when they didn’t multichannel. Other countries and foxtel multichanneled the games. Surely they would get the awards before Nine did.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    I generally find Eddie Everywhere to be pretty irritating but I thought that Nine’s coverage overall was quite good. Haven’t seen the broadcast from other countries (apart from NBC) so can’t comment on whether the medal’s are “deserved” but well done anyway.

    @Rob – Men’s or Women’s?

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me. That coverage was a load of crap.

    Not showing the Gold medal Ice Hockey match – and instead staying with the Today show, so we can see Richard and Richard talk about “celebrities”?

    Eddie “everywhere” and his “commentary” of the aerials? What a joke.

  7. Yeah right, those who award the Olympic Golden Rings Awards actually watched or recapped the entire coverage of all nations which broadcast the games. They probably haven’t even heard of Mick Molloy or Eddie McGuire.

    I thought their complete coverage wasn’t overly bad, it was at least better than Seven’s Olympics coverage.

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