Nine’s proposal beats Seven’s wedding

Nine’s finale of The Farmer Wants a Wife with a marriage proposal netted a very handsome 1.45m viewers last night, as the #1 show of the evening. Figures like that prove there is still life in the franchise and the optimistic idea of finding romance.

By contrast Seven’s new Four Weddings had to settle for 1.1m viewers an hour earlier, just pipped by Hot Property at 1.15m -the show Seven used to screen. Was it the spirit of Nine’s show versus the catty tone of Seven’s that delivered the audience?

Seven’s best performance was left to its early evening Seven News on 1.35m (winning all cities but Sydney) and Today Tonight (1.33m) beating A Current Affair‘s (1.17m).  City Homicide continues to struggle in its Wednesday night slot, averaging 824,000.

Also strong last night was The Gruen Transfer once again on 1.4m and Spicks and Specks on 1.32m. ABC again landed ahead of TEN for the evening which couldn’t crack the million all night.

Morning TV wars continue with Sunrise having another dominant win over Today. Its 423,000 thumped Nine’s 300,000. Of late there has been a shift back in Seven’s favour, a nice birthday present for 35yo Producer Adam Boland.

Oprah’s “Aussie surprise” pulled 210,000, up from 124,000 the day before.

Week 38


  1. @ Mattt. I don’t watch Glee, but I see your dilemma!! I cant see why 10 can’t start it on time & show the ‘correct’ amount of ads (ie. 20 mins worth) and then you could switch to Spicks and Specks at 8.30pm and everyone’s happy! Somehow I don’t think 7, 9 & 10 have read the verdict of the TV Tonight survey (yet)…one of our top complaints is shows not showing shows at the correct time!! Good luck!

    David – funny how the attached picture is of Shaun – the one farmer who didn’t find love!!

  2. A couple of edits and Four Weddings could be very much in the Farmer Wants A Wife style of ‘happiness’ over ‘cattiness’. (Or at least the first episode could of, I didn’t watch the second).

    The women seemed to get along, and it was only through really laboured editing did they try to make it appear like they were ‘ripping each other apart’. Of course, that doesn’t go along with the entire narrative they’ve build up around this show: bridezillas out for blood.

    Seven really haven’t learnt anything from the success of MasterChef = Positivity is the new negativity.

  3. If Seven are to bring back CH next year they’ll have to move it 9.30pm and pair it with Criminal Minds just like they did a couple of years ago when they dominated Monday nights. It’ll be interesting to see if Border and The Force give it a boost next week.

  4. While you could say CH is doing badly compared to previous years, its ratings arn’t that far off Monday’s ratings for RSO on Nine. Theres only a 32k difference, while the competition on Monday was limited to CM on seven. where as ABC and nine both put up a good fight on a wednesday. Im not saying CH figures are great, but for an olf fav, drawing that many figures compared to a program in its second season isn’t that bad.

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