Parenthood catch-up

If you haven't seen Parenthood and want to get up to speed, here's how.

7TWO seems to be getting into the catch-up thang a lot lately.

If you haven’t seen Parenthood and want to get up to speed, four episodes will play next week at 6pm Monday Sept 6th – Thurday Sept 9.

Extra Full House episodes are out during this time. Sob.

4 Responses

  1. Not that I watch Full House but 72 didn’t go into the next season and just started repeating episodes that they had already aired at the beginning of the year.

    I’m sad that there’s going to be no more of The Amazing Race it was good seeing it again and it’s a shame that 72 don’t have the earlier seasons.

    I don’t mind that 72 is used as a catch up. For some shows its good. I like that they’re repeating Season 1 of Packed to the Rafters.

  2. 7TWO is a joke it is just a catchup service for Seven’s main channel it has no identity. Though it is no worse than Go with the constant changes to the schedule.

    Hopefully 11 can come in and show them how it should be run.

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