Renewed: MasterChef USA

MasterChef USA with Gordon Ramsay has been a summer hit for FOX.

The FOX Network has renewed the US version of Masterchef, featuring Gordon Ramsay.

The New York Times reported the show is the first clear-cut success story for summer reality TV since Wipeout two years ago.

MasterChef has resonated with viewers this summer, and we look forward to seeing where Gordon takes the show in season two,” said Mike Darnell, FOX’s president of alternative entertainment.

No return date was given though and there is some speculation FOX may slate it midseason instead of waiting until next summer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, NY Times

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  1. MasterChef USA is a hit over here. I guess viewers like things dramatic with the three cutthroat chefs. The same with American Idol, now that Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell gone, it’s not excited any more. It’s hard to replace the hot/cold pair.

  2. The US version of Big Brother screens in summer, as does America’s Got Talent and (usually) a season of Hells Kitchen and/or Kitchen Nightmares… so the RTV summer filler is something thats “just done” over there already. The fact that MasterChef USA managed to average around a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo each week (beating New scripted shows like Lie to Me easily), and is cheaper to make than something like Lie to Me, its a no-brainer.

    I just do not understand why things like BB here in Aus weren’t moved to a non-ratings period like they do in the US… *shrug* – Use it while you can in ratings then give it a season or two in non-ratings to see if it can at least keep eyeballs on your network where they’d normally be elsewhere (I’m looking at you Channel 10 – you who suffers the same dramatic slip each summer when your coveted 16-39 & 18-49 yo’s are off doing other things cos repeats and failed shows just don’t cut it!).

  3. I enjoy its shortness, being only two hours per week. I find our version way too drawn out, leaving it open to viewer ennui. Plus, Gordon is not really that nasty on it; I find Joe even more distasteful, but a little nastiness is good IMO. Our three judges are often too friendly in their judgements. Plus, the US judges, especially last week, helped out the contestants a lot (Gordon helped Sharone use the vacuum gadget, and both Gordon and Graham put on their chef’s whites to help in the wedding challenge when the contestants were faling behind).

  4. What is really amazing about this story is MasterChef USA was a summer show made by FOX, with some high production values. During Summer here we get donuts – cricket, tennis and failed shows that didn’t make it either in the US or their first run in Australia. I can hardly see an Australian network taking a gamble and actually making something for the Summer period.

    Maybe what the American networks have realised is people still watch TV during Summer albeit later in the night. The American primetime schedule is much later than ours but surely a network here could actually make something that people would watch

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