Returning: Random Acts of Kindness

A new series of Random Acts of Kindness begins this weekend on GEM, as first run local content on a digital channel.

A new series of Random Acts of Kindness begins this weekend at its “new home” on GEM, as first run local content on a digital channel.

Host Scott Cam will be joined by Simone Jade McKinnon, Andrew Rochford, Shelley Craft, Natalie Gruzlewski, Jules Lund, Shane Crawford and Karl Stefanovic.

Colleen Wood – Koala Rescuer
For the last 17 years, Colleen Wood has devoted her life to wildlife rescue and research, and the rehabilitation of koalas and other wildlife. She started the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter (SAWS) in 1994 and is also one of the founders of WRAP – Wildlife Rescue and Protection. Colleen was the primary carer for Australia’s most famous Koala, Sam, who was found after the 2009 Victorian bushfires. Her next goal is to build the first Australian burns unit for koalas and other wildlife in Victoria.

Patsy Jones – Sydney Children’s Hospital Nurse
Patsy Jones moved to Australia 35 years ago from Bali and has devoted the past 33 to working with the Children’s Cancer Unit at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Her colleagues say she has performed countless acts of kindness and generosity and supported thousands of patients and families. She regularly goes above and beyond her professional duties to impart kindness, support, reassurance, care and empathy to patients and families most in need.

Jackie Pettit – Manager of The Shack
As a result of her dedication to youth work, Jackie Pettit runs and manages The Shack Youth Outreach Centre in the Sydney suburb of Epping. She recognises that unemployed youths find it difficult to get into training due to financial limitations, so in 2005 she developed a program called Operation Kickstart, which pays for basic job training and counselling for disadvantaged young people.

It returns Sunday, September 26, at 7.30pm on GEM.

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  1. How can I elect someone who desperately needs help with their house is an aussie battler and only ever dreamed of having a home of their own…
    My sister has suffered a murdered parent, family breakdown and many other health issues along the way to having a home of her own.
    My sister and her husband have been best mates since primary school and are struggling to get their dream realised. They have both had very difficult lives with many adversaties along the way which together they have managed to overcome.
    The house is built but they can’t move in due to issues with retaining walls and
    etc? This has been going on for 7-8 months. With no date for when the works will be finished and the wall has also been paid for. They desperately need and deserve help. They have no funds left to pay legal fees and have done no wrong.
    They also just recently got married in November and are still living with relatives,
    it really cast a shadow on the wedding and they want to start a family of their own.
    Please help or let me know who to contact.. they need a Random Act of Kindness.

  2. Dear random acts of kindness
    my name is kasandra i am 12 years old.
    My mum and dad are incredible people for alot of things before i was born my mum work as a social worker and my dad worked in the hospitals in tasmania but after a accident my dad become the pacient and could not walk or even move his body and the docters said that he will most likely die or could not do anything again but it was a mircle. Not shortly after that my mum become pregnant with me but the docters had said to my mum and dad that i would be disabled for the rest of my lifemy mum and dad were scared for life and october the 27 1998 i came out not disabled or dead but alive and screaming. Now my mum does not work but helps down at a commmity meal center every thursday and my dad works at newcomb secondery school and every night he comes home witha headache os a sore back or knee’s. mum and dad have been bringing people in to our house to live with us for a while. Not long ago our house is been put up for grabs because a man had stole our money just before i was born and we have rented house’s since. please help my mum and dad, i would do anything
    from kassandra

  3. Hi Scott and friends,
    My sister Kathy is in desperate need for some random acts of kindness. Kathy has MS and lost her husband last year. He was renovating their house with the hope that it could be more suitable for her condition, but died from a heart attack before it was even half way finished. On top of that, she also got hit by the recent floods and lost all hers sons gear and things stored down stairs. She is always trying to help others and works as an advisor for people looking after those with disabilities even though she herself has a disability and has no carer. MS has really taken its toll on her body over the years yet she still battles on. She really deserves the help. How can I get her involved in the program or is there anyone out there that can offer a little random act of kindness them selves. I live on the opposite side of the country and she lives in Goulburn NSW.

  4. No Scott,just wait and see it will appear on the Primary Channel next year is my guess,not unless Channel nine has decided to give the show the chop and show the remaining episodes on the new channel

  5. I imagine the “sponsors” who supply all the expensive acts of kindness were expecting their products and brands to be showcased on the main channel where around 1 million tearful viewers would have made the cost worthwhile. How many viewers will see them now? and how will these “sponsors” react next time they’re asked to hand over free stuff for a TV show? Is this a case of programmers shooting themselves in the production?

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