Talent rises to the top

The first week of The X Factor wasn’t without its share of challenges… editing out Matthew Newton as host, trying to scrape back some dignity, and having middling results for its much-awaited premiere.

Many online comments dismissed the show as an Idol clone.

The judges have proven they have a good rapport. If only we didn’t have to put up with the silly notion that each is seeking to better one another. “I want you on my team to help me win The X Factor,” says one judge. I thought we wanted the contestants to win?

A common claim aimed at talent shows is that Australia doesn’t have enough talent to sustainĀ  consecutive talent shows. Not a theory I subscribe to. Turn up to any music theatre audition in this country and it’s an embarrassment of riches. So far the show has managed to uncover some genuinely intriguing, raw performers. First auditions suggest some of them have the goods….. can survive the demands of a reality TV show?

Sally Chatfield

Hayley Teal

Lazy J and Big Guy

Madison Pritchett

Darcy Callus




  1. Look the show is different. Talented successful artists are introduced and are involved with the decision making of the Judges and even perform on the show. Natalie Umbruglia ..what a well dressed gorgeous singer and mentor. Luke Jacobs displays zesty professionalism as a host and the other male judges are well picked.
    This is a sophisticated show ..just hope the Talent is out there to keep this show going….and the Public continues to support the performers. So colourful !

  2. this overproduced rubbish will crash and burn. It is so full of predicability and cliches i could vomit. How stupid do these idiot network EP’s think we are. “im going to win” “your singing for your life” .. How trite is this nonsense?? I think I may have heard this before about a trillion times before on any Not “reality” show. Junior masterchef will murder it in the ratings and rightly so.
    X factor is clearly produced by amateurs with titles.

  3. Don’t watch this but everytime I change the channel to 72 lately there is a darn repeat on.

    From what I have seen in those tiny snippets and the never ending ads – none of them have the X factor least of all the judges.

    Full House is ten billion times more entertaining than this drivel. Stop with the mass repeats already!

  4. This is actually a pretty good show. The auditions felt disconnected without a host but the talent is definitely there. I’m not sure whether it will be as good as Idol was in its first two seasons, but it will definitely be a hit for Seven. Especially in the later weeks of the competition, i.e. from the final 6, and onwards.

    I’m interested. If the talent and set-up of the show is good from the final 9 onwards, I’ll continue to watch.

  5. Goffy is definitely right. People watched the first few seasons of Idol because it felt like it mattered, like the winner would be a huge megastar if they won and they were. In the last few seasons of Idol, the winners would not turn into big stars afterwards so why watch?

    With the amount of money Seven are putting into this thing, it is clear that whoever is going to win this, is going to be huge. People want to be a part of that.

  6. Some great talent there. My favourites are Mahogany and Rheeonya.

    Idol fans might recognize Madison Pritchett from the 2007 series where she was a semi-finalist.

  7. The Sunday Telegraph says today that 27-year-old Amanda Grafanakis, who performed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance wearing a pair of high-heeled Air Jordans during the auditions, made it to the top 24 of Australian Idol 2008.

  8. I think the problem with the talent in Idol in its last few years was that australians lost faith in the Idea that Idol could make you a star.

    But a new show comes new faith, and they all flock back….

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