TEN signs Matt Moran

Matt Moran has signed an exclusive TV contract with TEN, to appear in MasterChef, and other network shows including Good News Week and The 7PM Project.

The deal comes after Seven had been pursuing him for the Aussie version of Iron Chef, and is announced while Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris are in negotiation for next year’s MasterChef.

His signing will strategically send out a message to anybody thinking of a huge raise.

“Matt is a fantastic, world-renowned chef and has become a valued addition to the MasterChef family,” said TEN’s David Mott.

“We love what he has contributed so far to the show and 2011 will see his presence in the series increase significantly. ”

Signing Matt to TEN makes sense and we are thrilled to have secured his exclusivity to our network.”

Moran had previously been a mentor on The Chopping Block for Nine, amongst other TV appearances.

Source: news.com.au


  1. of all the “celebrity” chefs on MS, I like him the least. He seems always seems to be more keen than others to knock what contestants have done. Maybe that’s fair enough, but it kinda goes against the “nicey-nice” overall warm & fuzzy feel to MS.

  2. The guy has about as much charisma as a sack of potatoes. They kept thrusting him upon us in Masterchef ever chance they got, which was fine in that enviornment as he played a relatively minor role. I would not watch any show where he is the main attraction. I agree with Benji about his appearance on The Circle.

  3. He’ll probably turn up on Ready, Steady, Cook, and maybe do one of the readings on Mass For You At Home.

    Makes me wonder just how often theses celebrity chefs are actually in the kitchens of the restaurants where they purport to be the head chef.

  4. This man has become a media strumpet… he pops oup on every TV show possible.

    But – his appearance on last Wednesday’s The Circle was horrific. Wooden performance.

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