TEN to renovate 2011

Updated: TEN has officially announced its highlights for 2011.

Hawaii Five-O – featuring Australia’s own Alex O’Loughlin, Hawaii Five-O is a contemporary take on the classic series about an elite crime-fighting task force. Set and filmed on the picturesque Hawaiian Islands, this action-packed series promises to hook a whole new generation of fans.

Blue Bloods – from the writers of The Sopranos, and staring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, comes a multi-generational family drama about New York cops who’ll stop at nothing to see justice served.

The Defenders – a comedic drama staring Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell as two colourful Las Vegas lawyers who go all-in when it comes to representing their clients.

Raising Hope – after a one-night stand with a wanted felon, 23-year old Jimmy finds himself raising an infant daughter with the help of his flawed but quirky family.

Mixed Signals – a comedy about three friends and their attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable: to balance their relationships with their need for freedom. The series reveals how friendships and romances enhance – and complicate – the lives of these men and the women who love them.

Local Line-up:
Don’t Stop Believing – a spectacular entertainment show combining singing and dancing in a format never before seen on Australian television. Don’t Stop Believing will scour Australia for existing and first-time musical groups created by friends, colleagues, school mates or families. They’ll perform some of the greatest songs ever written in amazing never-before-heard arrangements.

The Renovators – a brand new ‘big event’ TV franchise. From Shine Australia comes the biggest home makeover show ever seen. Amateur home renovators, budding decorators and wannabe developers will battle it out through workshop and offsite challenges, skills tests and eliminations for the right to renovate one of six rundown houses. The ultimate winner will need to survive the Live Auction Finale to take the top prize.

Class Of – takes exemplary teachers and teams them with an underperforming class of kids to turn them into one of the best classrooms in the nation. This factual series will follow the kids as they deal with challenges and develop the skills that will equip them for future success. Class Of will be exciting, entertaining, engaging and definitely inspiring.

Inside Out – in the style of Bad Girls and Widows – this Australian thriller tells the story of an innocent woman thrown in gaol, who comes to realise getting even is the best revenge.

As previously announced, a new in-depth national news bulletin will air at 6pm with host yet to be revealed. It will be followed by a locally-focused half-hour state bulletin at 6.30pm. On weekends a locally-presented bulletin will also air at 6pm.

MasterChef Australia,
The 7pm Project,
Modern Family,
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation,
Good News Week,
Bondi Rescue,
Bondi Vet,
The Biggest Loser:
NCIS: Los Angeles,
Lie To Me,
The Good Wife,
Law and Order

The Simpsons,
The Cleveland Show,
The Office,
Nurse Jackie
Everybody Loves Raymond,
Sex and the City,
Judging Amy,
Happy Days,

Hopman Cup,
English Premier League,
One Week at a Time,
World Football News,
The Pro Shop,
Before The Game,

AFL and the 2011 AFL Grand Final
Formula One World Championship,
ANZ Championship Netball,
Australian Open Water Championships,
Telstra Australian Swimming Championship,
Australian Short Course Championships
2011 MotoGP,
US Masters
US Open
Australian PGA,
Australian Open
Singapore Open

The ARIA Awards,
Keeping up with the Joneses
– Coming in October, this engaging new factual series is set on Coolibah cattle station, 600 km south-west of Darwin. It follows the daily lives of the Jones family as they muster cattle, fight fires, battle floods and even wrestle the odd croc or two. This raw and humorous snapshot of family life is a ‘must see’ for anyone who thinks they know what it takes to live in the outback.

Undercover Boss Australia – CEOs from some of Australia’s biggest companies take the opportunity to go on the ultimate undercover mission, working incognito in entry-level positions within their own organisations. Each week a different executive will leave the comfort of mahogany row to take up a job at the coalface within their own company’s operation.

Commonwealth Games – from October 3-14, TEN and ONE will broadcast all the colour, excitement and exhilaration of this year’s biggest sporting event, the XIX Commonwealth Games, live from Delhi. With commentators live on the ground in India and a team of Australia’s most experienced sports hosts anchoring the coverage from Melbourne, sports fans are in for more than 200 hours of non-stop sports action.

TEN also promises “more purpose-built content, more interactivity, more video captured exclusively for the web and a whole host of extras like behind the scenes interviews, online applications, community forums, pictures and more.”

In 2011 the Network will also launch onehd.com.au

Chief programming officer, David Mott said: “So far this year, we’ve delivered three big new
hits with Glee, Modern Family and Undercover Boss. We also remain the leader in ‘big event TV’ with the most talked-about program in Australian television history, MasterChef Australia, surpassing all previous records.

“Next year will be even bigger and better with more bold formats in store. In 2011, we’ll create more ‘big event’ TV moments, deliver more laughs with the best local and international comedies, we’ll screen the most exciting light entertainment formats and we’ll have the best mix of drama from Australia and around the world.”

Rush has not yet been confirmed for 2011. A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight a decision would be made following its current production season.


  1. Please tell me that Burn Notice is coming back, if not to 10 then to 11 I love that show!! Also I guess we’re not getting NCIS fast-tracked and will have to wait until February? As much as I hate that, I understand this Winter period, when the ratings count, we’ve been left with nothing but repeats from most shows that were fast-tracked!!!

  2. Is it me or are Ten the boldest with their multi-programming? 7 and 9 have too much overlap with their secondary channels but Ten are taking the risks and making clear definitions between their platforms.

  3. Undercover Boss Australia sounds like a fantastic concept. I hope they use hidden cameras instead of the charade of filming people for entry level jobs. People behave differently when a camera, and they will already know the show.

  4. Yawn – Commonwealth Games. I know some people might be into this but i couldn’t think of anything more boring. Can’t they just show this on the sports channel ?? If people don’t have a set top box by now it’s their problem.

    Looks like i will be renting myself some DVD’s or catching up on some reading.

  5. I seriously hope Southern Cross TEN get their act together and have 11 launch in regional area’s at the same time as Metro area’s.

    A Memo to SC 10 don’t leave us regional viewers behind when 11 launches next year.

  6. @ Salf thanks for explaining that as i never thought of it that way. I have to say i must not fit into the norm because i would much rather watch it fast tracked and this does encourage me to watch on TV.

    Shows with a continuing story like Dexter, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Big Love, Skins, Nurse Jackie, I am not going to wait for it to eventually be screened on TV. You never really know how long you are going to have to wait for these shows to be on, or if they are ever going to show them again. Then when they are on they move them around so much that i usually give up.

    I think the main thing that these new channels have to realise is we don’t like shows being moved around continually. Put it on a certain time and leave it! I was getting into The Riches on 7two then they just moved it and since then i haven’t bothered.

  7. @V. when you fasttrack a show. there is a smaller promotion compared to what u’d get in february, the network is at the mercy of erratic US scheduling, there are also a lot less Australian viewers on tv in the summer compared to winter, and (this is ten’s major problem) if you fasttrack a lot you run out of shows in May which is the highest viewing period and can ruin a whole year. very few shows that have had premiered as a ft’s season have been a hit. fringe, glee, the mentalist, NCIS:LA all had to fight for their ratings after a weak beginning after as a result of factors from fasttracking. while shows that start in Feb have a much better strike rate.

    yes people download when they are not ft’d but fting has never shown to increase ratings. Lost, NCIS, criminal minds and Bones have all gone from slowtracked seasons right into fasttracked seasons with no audience increase. most viewers also admit to downloading shows whether or not a show is shown within 1 week or 1year of the US airing.

  8. The damaged of fast tracking a show is that when America take a week off, then ten needs to take a week off (repeat an old episode) too. I much prefer that a show starts in February (when our ratings start) and run new episodes non stop.

  9. Oh, so Ten are keeping the normal 5pm news?? I must have read it wrong, i though it was Ten were moving the news bulletin to 6pm and then having a half hour local bulletin after that. So it’s 5pm News, 6 National bulletin, 6.30 local edition???

  10. God ! I have always found TEN is so limited with their varity of shows compared to 7 or 9. Because of 7.30 block programming, and then news again at 10.30, some nights leaves them with only 2 different (or 1) program between 8.30 and 10.30. While 7 and 9 usually have a variety of shows from 7.30 through to 11.30, and it would seem to give them more ratings !

  11. @ SALF what are the “dangers of fastracking”?? If a show is not fastracked people usually get it from somewhere else and when it does finally come on most people have already seen it. I think there is far greater “dangers” of not fastracking.

  12. WTF!!! No Monk or Psych on that list of shows for Eleven!!!! Why the hell aren’t they gonna show these? The Eleven line up looks great, better than the other new channels, but come on Ten, what about Monk & Psych?

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