Today’s trip to Melbourne

The Today Show travels to Melbourne next week, ahead of the AFL Grand Final.

With Sunrise nabbing some bigger Melbourne audiences lately, the timing couldn’t have come at a better time.

It will be broadcasting from:

Wednesday, September 22: Werribee Mansion, Werribee Park
Thursday, September 23: Sofia Restaurant, Frankston Pier
Friday, September 24: GR Bricker Reserve, Rowans Rd, Moorabbin

Viewers are invited to attend and enjoy a free BBQ breakfast and free muffins. There will also be a $500 cash giveaway for the best Today poster.

“We always love coming to Melbourne,” said Lisa Wilkinson. “It’s a great opportunity for us to meet the viewers that support the show.”

Karl Stefanovic added, “And with the AFL Grand Final just around the corner, Melbourne is an exciting place to be.”


  1. look thats great…i wonder if any of the networks would place a breakfast show permanetly in Melbourne…and just by the by…i hate those press release comments..i mean who talks like that besides marketing people….

  2. Whats new. It happens every year that both come down to melbourne gf week. Sunrise will be in melbourneon friday I presume cause thats what they do every year. If stkilda lose tonight they are going to be pretty lonely at Moorabbin. At least sunrise are in the city which is easier to get to.

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