WIN switches on MediaHub

WIN Television has begun playout from its Mediahub centre today.

Viewer in Illawarra are the first to receive the WIN Television, digital channel GO! and the WIN High Definition digital channels via the MediaHub facility.

Over the next four weeks, the Central West, Riverina M.I.A. and Canberra channels will be added to MediaHub.

Channel Nine Adelaide and Perth playout will switch within six months.

Chairman Andrew Gordon said, “It’s a proud day for the WIN Network, we’re excited to commence broadcast at our MediaHub Centre today. It is one of the most advanced operations in the country combining innovative vision and superior technology.”

The centre will eventually be managing a total of 82 WIN channels across Australia plus 32 ABC channels.


  1. The big problem with GO! is on the weekends, the number of times a black screen flashes on and off is crazy, during programs, its like someone is sitting there just ready to cut to adverts and can’t get the timing right! (This is Perth I am referring to). Also the start and end of the eastern states ads is also very annoying, and badly networked that even with a 2 hour delay they cant get the timing right!

  2. I live in Griffith and I think they have added us last night. Prime, Win and ABC channels (Win TV owns the broadcasting rights to Prime in the M.I.A.) went out from 4am-6am but none of the sister channels came through =(

  3. They should start hiring us viewers at MediaHub. It seems like we’re the only ones who notice the problems. Seriously, they should think twice before turning down a resume that just has ‘watch TV’ listed as past experience.

  4. Not working too well so far. Go’s volume levels are appalling. They go from extremely loud to very soft. Programs i normally watch on -34db on my surround sound i’m having to watch at -20db, and then the ads boom through.

  5. I’ve heard that the staff turnover at Mediahub is very high.
    Morale is rock bottom.
    Very few (if any) of the original people (ie actual workers) left.
    Expect more of the same….
    Trained monkeys and peanuts etc…

  6. Armchair Director

    And farewell to a heap of jobs as well… the Mount Gambier station will be very hard hit with local production probably disappearing as well. Very sad.

  7. WIN Corp viewers should expect Channel 31 (no offence) standards from now on. Everyday MediaHub screw something up on one of the ABC channels which should’ve stopped by now because it’s been months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against networks centralising their play-outs, but they should be staffed by people who know what they’re doing. Sometimes MediaHub have driven me to watch some ABC programs on iView because programs have just cut out half way through (last week’s late night repeat of Media Watch being an example).

    I’m surprised they manage to switch the lights on in that place. MediocreHub is a joke!

  8. OMG Yay!!!!! I been waiting for those channels for so long and now we finally have them =D! But its weird because we (Griffith M.I.A) are meant to have TEN by November and then other sister channels before December 2011…guess we will get a fair few channels in the next month =)

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