Winners and Losers: Seven confirms new drama

The Seven Network today confirmed its new drama series Winners and Losers (first tipped exclusively to readers in April) would air in 2011.

The drama, which looks at the lives of four best friends who were “losers” in high school and about to become “winners” ten years later, has been developed by Seven’s in-house drama team of Bevan Lee and John Holmes.

The Melbourne-made drama stars “Denise Scott as the matriarch of the Gross family and newcomers Zoe Tuckwell-Smith as faithful Bec, Melissa Bergland as loud and opinionated Jenny, Melanie Vallejo as the fit and feisty Sophie, and returning to Channel Seven is Virginia Gay as high powered workaholic Frances.”

They are joined by Blair McDonough, Damien Bodie and Francis Greenslade as Mr Gross.

The series is produced by former City Homicide producer MaryAnne Carroll.


  1. I think the characters in this show are completely unbelieveable. Melissa Bergland
    ( Jenny ) is presented like a fool. I think her whole demenour is ridiculous. No girl of that size would present herself that way. If the others were her friends, they would help her. That is why I say it is unbelieveable. None of the characters involve with each other. They would never be friends in the real world.. Sorry I want Australian drama and actors to do well, but this is an insult.
    Zoe Tuckwell Smith is a breath of fresh air. She will go far.

  2. I caught a snippet of this crap yesterday. Anyway, I’m 98% sure that they filmed a scene at the Golden Monkey.
    True to form, there was not one asian (yellow or brown) in there and for those who have been to the Golden Monkey, we all know what type of people go there.

    Fact: 1: No asians will be on australian TV.

    Fact: 2: This show will be axed in a couple of weeks.

  3. @ Mike the one before dave – Other shows are sometimes filmed in other states, with WA it seems to be kids shows for some reason

    The Sleepover Club Season 2 filmed in Perth
    Lockie Leonard in Albany
    Street smartz in Fremantle
    Trapped in Northern WA.

    GEM could air the first 3 shows , or GO! could at least.

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