X Factor cooked by the kids

Seven’s first live show for The X Factor was cooked by Junior MasterChef.

TEN’s 90 minute reality series dominated with nearly 1.75m viewers, leaving The X Factor trailing at just under 1.1m viewers across its two hours. It was pretty clear TEN’s show was going to come out on top, but it was a question of how big the margin would be.

Seven’s show was even beaten by Midsomer Murders on 1.35m and 60 Minutes on 1.2m raising serious questions about the level of interest in singing talent formats in Australia. These days it seems the country would rather watch kids cook than sing. Seven has invested heavily in the show in terms of rights, production and marketing. This was the night it needed to step up.

Elsewhere last night Modern Family‘s finale performed at 1.21m, Offspring slipped under the 1m mark to 990,000 (at the later start of 9pm) and Sunday Night held at 1.2m.

The Jim Stynes documentary Every Heart Beats True ruled in Melbourne, the only city where it aired in primetime with a huge 628,000 -it was the city’s #1 show of the evening.

On digital channels The Big Bang Theory continues to draw a loyal crowd of 347,000 viewers, adding to Nine’s fortunes. The Xtra Factor on 7TWO didn’t make the night’s Top 100, below 100,000.

Nine won the night.


Week 39


  1. It is certainly missing something.Sorry but Luke you just make me want to turn off,you do not have what it takes to carry a show.As for the voise overs…sounds like a football match.I think a live band being present would help as well.And lastly..what’s with the attacks on Natalie?

  2. Ha ha! I know this isn’t twitter, but…

    RT: Goonies says:
    September 20, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    What I love is that it is called the X factor and not one single person on the show has the X Factor – including the judges.

  3. I agree with what Ronan Keating said last night. They all need to up their game next week as every one of the 12 contestants were bland bland bland. All of them quite good singers but none of them have any kind of charisma or stage presence. I wouldn’t want to vote for anyone or watch it again next week. As for Kyle, he obviously feels very inadequate up against the other judges (having no talent whatsoever) so what does he do? He stays away from the studio pretending to be sick.

  4. Nathan says:
    September 12, 2010 at 10:26 pm
    too late… wrong demographic, corny narration.

    I guess Nathan you have to eat your words. Perhaps a Junior Masterchef can cook them for you?

  5. xfactor is a complete mess. Made by idiots with titles. Seriously who did the casting for this show? There is more talent in the local pub than this overhyped excuse for a million dollar set, Seven management should be looking very closely at their execs that are responsible for this obscene waste of money and bandwidth. Its very badly directed, over cooked and very poorly executed from start to finish. To be beaten by the ABC must really rankle 7. Expect it to be moved very soon which will certinaly spell its complete death just like they did with Popstars Live. Which strangely was also hosted by Luke Jacobz.

  6. The judges are trying so hard not to discriminate.

    Look around in the music industry, they are all good looking, thin and great presence. None of the contestants do, its annoying as hell. Yes you can sing but if you’re ugly – you are not going to make it.

  7. Re Offspring, it seems alot of people have not realised that Nina has an anxiety issue which is what makes her character second guess herself all the time and do things like ‘avoiding the dr all episode’

    Or if they had realised they have no idea how an axiety disorder presents in people.

    I think Asher Keddie is doing a fantastic job, especially with her portrayal of someone who suffers from anxiety (I know because I am one of them too)

  8. What I love is that it is called the X factor and not one single person on the show has the X Factor – including the judges.

    I think the contestants need to look up the word ‘charisma’ to see how they might get themselves some!

  9. @Dr TV – While I do also like offspring and applaud TEn for making a drama that wasnt a procedural cop show I do think its far from flawless. While the cast is great and other things like use of music ( besides the Too much singing by eddie perfect) are also a breathe of fresh air , it definitely needs some changes for season 2. Primarily making asher keddies lead character less whiney and immature and actually get over the bloody doctor. Last nites ep was so boring as it dragged on about her avoiding him for no reason. Also Im all for Voiceovers by characters but Ninas are pointless, annoying and dont progress the plot at all. I also find them hard to understand, i dont know if its an audio problem or keddies voice but it comes out muffled and mumbled that i often have no clue what shes saying in her voiceovers.

    Also we need some stronger plots as well….. the dragged out doctor romance isnt enough to keep a 1hr show entertaining – more hospital dramas, stronger plots for the supporting cast ( the mum character essentially has no purpose presently in the story)., stronger use of kat stewarts character ( she was hillarious last week with the dead woman plot but given nothing else much to do this week.)

    All in all it sounds like the dont like the show…I do! It just needs to pick u the game to keep that audience who could easily flick channels at any given moment!

  10. X factor was embrassing last night for everyone involved. it was like amateur hour not only for the kids but for the judges too. how embrassing for kyle having to defend himself like that. it was clearly crap. need to stop with these sort of shows.

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