X Factor slips under the magic million

18 year old Chris Doe was reportedly left in tears after being eliminated from The X Factor, but it will be Seven execs who may well be weeping today at the figures of 978,000 for the verdict edition of the show last night.

Slipping under the 1m mark without Junior MasterChef around is bad news. While it was whipped in Melbourne by the Brownlow Medal, it did benefit in Sydney with a healthy 367,000.

The Brownlow pulled 982,000 viewers for the night, with 667,000 in the host city and just 12,000 in Sydney on TEN (and another 12,000 live on ONE). Update: It drew a combined audience of 1.06 million viewers on the two channels.

A Current Affair‘s interview with Reg Grundy pipped Today Tonight with 1.35m over 1.33m.

TEN won the night.

Week 39


  1. The show is getting very boring with the same contestants, night after night, and the predicted comments. At least with Australia’s Got Talent, we saw different acts each time. I’l be turning to Stephen Fry tonight at the relevant hour. Never thought I’d get sick of the X-Factor, but it’s happened with a thud.

  2. Jamal.Nazreddin

    I can’t watch this show.

    40% of the time wasted with judges’ melodrama,
    20% of the time on commercials,
    25% on the contestants’ “journey” and back-story,
    10% on fiddle-faddle and
    5% on the contestants actually singing

  3. @Jenny, I agree with some of your points, and recall the first season of x factor in oz – with the personality bypass of John Reid (Elton John’s one time manager). Loopy Mark Holden – who was straight out of idol & Kate Ceberano who was fine.
    You may be right, that the aussie audience simply doesn’t go for the authority figures the way that Cowell commands in both US and the UK. But i disagree on Ronan and Natalie, and really like Guy. But Kyle is vile and without merit or substance. It becomes more about ego (if that is possible in showbusiness) with this concept. Perhaps our audiences want a more pure music expereince with distinctive talent the focus – not the judges or host.

  4. The X factor came out of Simon Cowell’s (however it’s spelt) belief that the judges were the stars of these competitions. UK viewers were happy to follow that principle – they love authority figures – but we don’t. We want to see less not more of the up themselves judges, especially when they’re sooo ordinary themselves, and that’s why this show failed before and will fail this time. 7 execs get paid a fortune to know this stuff – honestly! On top of that, they cast the unlikable Kyle, who must know where the bodies are buried. Natalie? Ronan? It was doomed the moment Matthew Newton was cast.

  5. Reality shows don’t last more than a couple of years here because we only have a small population base to draw from. I think they should all be be shelved after 3 seasons and then brought back once every 2 or 3 years.

  6. I could go to my local karaoke bar and listen to better singing. I watched X-Factor and a lot of the singing was out of tune and wobbly. Are they really choosing the best singers, or is that the best that they can get.

  7. I’ve got a theory that the reason it is not doing so well might be as simple a thing as timing. Sure the show has it’s problems but it wasn’t that long ago that Australia’s Got Talent wrapped up.

    I know that this is only about singers/bands but there are a lot of acts in AGT that were singers and they are the ones that are most often plugged in ads (“see Australia’s Susan Boyle” etc).

    I think it was a big mistake in following AGT so quickly with X factor. The public have had their singing contest (albeit mixed in with other acts), for the year. Just a theory…..

  8. Craig – The UK actually had Pop Idol.

    I feel so sorry for the boys group having Kyle. How can he mentor them by phone?? Even the boys were on stage asking ‘Who are you?’ to Kyle after their performance when the judges were speaking to them. He’d been a noshow all week. Poor kids.

  9. Todd aka Tim W…. Don’t worry, if they tire of the cooking contest, I’m sure your Channel 7 will spend up big to buy it and kill it….

    It’s the show mate.

    As people have said before, we had years and years of Idol and the UK didn’t. X Factor is their Idol. Also the Brits love bitchy tele, Aussies are over that (for the time being).

    As for not wanting shows to fail…. Who wouldn’t want to see 7 waste more money on poor decisions. It’s entertainment, and that’s what TV is for right?

  10. Well if only 1m tuned into the X-factor’s Sunday show, why would there be more people tuning into the results?

    I don’t think the public is over singing competitions…. they’re just over mediocre singing competitions.I haven’t seen any remarkable performances on the Aussie show. But I’d probably watch the UK and US versions.

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