X-treme Factor

And you thought we had some dodgy contestants on Australia’s X Factor?

You haven’t met Britain’s Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker, 18 and 17.

They give Vicki Pollard a run for her money.

Best moments? Asking guest judge Natalie Imbruglia, “Who are you, may I ask?”

And then there was the smack in the face.

Best bits from 4:40 mins.



  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Like watching a train crash in slow motion. I was rooted to my chair in horror. I hope they get a Producer’s Pass to come back in the semis.

  2. it is hilarious because even though both are airheads the one on the left is atleast shows she is not happy with her partner’s language. but then the punch and we see they are just as bad as each other. lol.

    well handled by our natalie though.

  3. Wow. Thanks David, this is the absolute best ever audition I have ever seen (ever) and I’m a massive reality watcher.

    Still laughing. Never mind the best bits, people, watch the whole thing!

  4. ah the twitter generation…so proud, i’m only 27 but these “girls” are more gen Z than Y..in fact, the gen Y born from 1980-85 are closer aligned to late Gen Xer’s than slappers from this generation.

  5. I think this tells viewers all they need to know about X-Factor, and how low its willing to go for press an ratings, it is a pitful show which knows nothing of the moral high ground.

    It is a real shame that the Australian X-Factor, is rating well, and another TV market is being suckered into this rubbish.

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