Airdate: Conan

Conan O'Brien's new chat show is coming to GEM in November.

Conan O’Brien’s new chat show is coming to GEM.

The new show, simply titled Conan, is his new venture following his infamous exit from NBC. It will air in the US on cable channel TBS.

On GEM it will air at 11:30pm weeknights beginning on Tuesday November 9th. That pits it directly against The Late Show with David Letterman.

It may also have an airing on Pay TV, but so far there’s nothing official.

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  1. Bravo 9 well done…as long as he is on tv at somestage …and since he is late night in the USA then even better, it makes sense to have him there…I will personally record and watch the next day…

    now all the wallys whinging about ” awww we cant see it”…its what the industry wants you to do, go our and update your boxes., put good content on a Digital channel then people will come… unless of course you are still driving in a Fj Holden…then go back to the black and white days….and dont say it costs too much, you can get a crapy HD box for $90 at Big W

  2. strange they decided to put Conan on the channel which the least amount of people can view out of their 3 channels – this is worthy of being on the main channel 9 or if not at least on Go – forget HD only Gem – Letterman is on Ten – Conan should be on 9 – I will be watching Conan 4 times a week but not on Gem channel if you know what I mean, I plan to watch each episode at least a few hours before Gems late timeslot

  3. Despite Nine mucking with shows on GO! this year, they have rescheduled nearly every show they have taken off mid air eg The Hills , Middle, Human Target etc Dark Blue… surprisingly this year it is Ch 7 that is this year the worst at canning shows and not rescheduling and playing the series out in full. Mainly their factuals .

  4. Geez! I haven’t seen such sexism here since Good Game changed co-hosts!

    If it’s late-at-night, then this show will work on any ‘male’ or ‘female’ channel. Not that there’s that much difference between GO & GEM anyway. Plus, because it’s 11:30pm, Nine programmers won’t mess with it too much (except when movies or sport might push it up the schedule a little). Remember the fairly consistent midnight/1am timeslot Letterman was getting at Nine for many years?

    I can’t believe when an Australian network finally decides to air one of the world’s best talk show hosts, people still find something to complain about.

  5. PM, you won’t see all those old characters from Conan’s Late Night and Tonight shows on the TBS show. NBC’s exit deal with Conan included the rights to most of his characters. CoCo will have to come up with some new material.

  6. Great news! Can’t wait to see Conan, Andy, Jimmy, La Bamba, Pender, Deon, Triumph, Pierre Bernard, The Masturbating Bear, Vomiting Kermit, The FedEx Pope, Shoeverine, Frankenstein, Cody Devereaux, The Funhole Guy, The Interrupter, Cactus Chef playing We Didn’t Start The Fire on a flute, The Slipnuts, Conando, Abe Vigoda, The Walker Texas Ranger Lever, Preparation H Raymond, The Evil Puppy and Conan’s Ford Taurus. One character we won’t be seeing? Little Jay Leno.

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