Airdate: Undercover Boss Australia. Returning: Modern Family, NCIS, Good Wife

TEN has revealed its post Commonwealth Games schedule with a strong line-up of favourite shows.

Modern Family returns for its second season at 7pm Sunday October 17th. A repeat will air at 6:30pm. It is followed by Junior MasterChef, which will move into its episodes across three nights of the week: Sunday, Monday and Friday

Undercover Boss Australia will premiere 8:30pm Monday October 18th, which sees Good News Week bumped to 9:30pm with a one hour edition.

On Tuesday October 19th a new season of NCIS begins at 8:30pm, followed by repeats of NCIS: LA.

On Wednesday October 20th Glee is back followed by new episodes of The Good Wife. House moves to 9:30pm.

Thursday 21st sees Bondi Vet at 7:30pm plus Keeping Up With the Joneses in its regular slot (it premieres a week earlier at 9pm) then a double dose of Rush at 8:30pm. No word on Burn Notice.

Junior MasterChef is added to Friday night with a MasterClass.

Presuming most of these will run out to the end of the year, TEN has a pretty strong schedule here.

Which ones are you looking forward to?


  1. Was wondering why Modern Family was still repeats when the new season has started in Canada already, just a heads up I think you made an error on the date, this Sunday is the 16th not the 17th….
    Tanya 🙂

  2. So much rubbish on tv these days, shows like NCIS, House, GNW are the only thing worth watching. Good on you ten for waking up and snatching these great shows.
    big fan

  3. Hey TEN,
    How about fastracking the new series of “Rules of Engagement”? If not I hope you’re bringing it back next year because it is a great show.
    I’m glad you are fastracking “NCIS”, but what happened to “Recruits”?

  4. Sooo glad bout new season of NCIS, and LA after it, gunna be great, Rush is awesome so im glad thats still on, but GoodWife, i absolutely hate that show and wish it was still on sundays so it doesnt ruin my week! I like modern family being on at 6:30, and cant wait for Modern Family Australia!
    I think the only thing that could be changed is Good Wife being on Sundays Not Wednesday!

  5. @ stevie g – why would you want to wait like another 6 months for Modern Family to come back on?

    Have you missed the whole ‘fasttracking’ thing?

  6. I agree Steph. TGW should stay on Sundays after Offspring

    House has been rating better than normal in its current slot…why don’t they just leave it there and fast-track the new season of Lie to Me?

    and I reckon TGW will retain less demos from Glee. Glee/House are a lot more compatible and appeal to a more similar audience, rather than the oddly lumped between TGW which is more a show for viewers aged 35+

  7. I with that they could keep House in that 8:30 timeslot after Glee. The Good Wife was fine with it’s spot on a Sunday sothey should just keep it there.

  8. Why bother with a repeat Modern Family at 6.30?!?!? They have 1 more episode of Rules and Engagement left and then they could start airing the new season of that one as well! Rules at 6.30 New Modern Family at 7. We shouldn’t have to watch repeats when there is new content available 🙁

  9. @Not Happy Sam – ONE has been going for over 18 months so TGW has never been seen in this country on HD.

    I’d rather have my sport in HD on FTA any day than the occasional drama in HD.

    As for GNW I agree, lately with the delayed starts due to shows running over time and the banter the games don’t get start until almost 9pm! I tighter 1 hours format would be good, but will they stick to it?

  10. I agree with ryan – best move they could make is to push GNW back and make it an hour. Hopefully the tighter editing will return it to form.

  11. Not Happy Sam

    Wow, The Good Wife coming back on crappy SD instead of HD.
    Burn Notice will also be on crappy SD.
    Why are all these stations putting good shows on SD and crappy shows on HD?

    No wonder people download TV shows.

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