Aussie CEOs go Undercover

The CEO of Domino’s Pizza, Don Meij, will be the first Aussie to become an Undercover Boss in the local adaptation of the US reality series.

The CEO of Domino’s Pizza, Don Meij, will be the first Aussie to become an Undercover Boss in the local adaptation of the US reality series.

Starting as a delivery driver, he has been in the business for over 20 years. For the TEN series he swaps his sporty Lamborghini for a Domino’s delivery van, and works in several stores across Queensland and ACT.

David Mott, chief programming officer said: “I’m delighted with the local production.

“Southern Star have delivered a series faithful to the US version, with warmth, compassion but with an Australian sensibility that makes the local version that much more compelling. Our CEOs have been extraordinary in giving of their time I know this has been a life changing experience for them.

“What we have here is something quite special that I know Australians will love and embrace.”

Appearing in upcoming episodes are CEOs from Boost Juice, Veolia Environmental Services Australia and Toga Hospitality Group. Can we have a TV boss too?

The series begins on Monday  October 18.

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  1. Does anyone really believe that all the staff at Domino’s Pizza does not know who Don Meij is? He has his face plastered all over their TV commercials, sometimes visits the stores and has his face in their news letter that is delivered to every store for the staff to read. This story will be a farce, as I know he or the company do not care about their staff, managers or franchisees’. One thing good might come out of this though, he might find out what the people in the store really think of him and his company.

  2. I worked at Dominos for four years back in the day. I never knew who the CEO was, only the regional manager at best. Can’t say I enjoyed it all that much. I wasn’t a big fan of the US series but i’ll definitely watch this.

  3. I wouldn’t recognize my CEO, they don’t make any effort to show them to workers, store owners may have met them but ordinary staff wouldn’t have. Plus even if you have seen a picture I doubt you would recognize them unless you knew them. In customer service you see hundreds of faces every day, are you really going to recognize someone from a picture you’ve seen a few times. The dead giveaway however would be the camera crew, and also probably the age of the CEO in some jobs, financial crisis wasn’t bad enough in this country to cause professionals to be forced back to minimum wage jobs.

  4. I wonder if Dominos have enough employees with sufficient sob stories (kids with cancer etc) to make an episode viable.

    And Dick, anyone who’s watched the US version would know that in each episode, the boss is disguised and given a false identity for the week.

  5. I find it amazing that there are that many employees that don’t know what their CEO looks like. It doesn’t say much for either the employees – that don’t care, or the companies – that don’t share that information with them either via newsletters or monthly company meetings.

  6. As long as the cameras aren’t hidden, then this will continue to be a series that had so much potential, but was never reached. Employees are often not going to behave like they usually do when the cameras are around, even whether it be under the pretense of another purpose.

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