Bumped: COPS L.A.C., CSI.

Bad news for Nine as the Kate Ritchie drama gets elbowed to a later timeslot.

It’s bad news for Nine’s newest drama.

COPS L.A.C. is being pushed back to 9:30pm from next week.

Nine will do a switcheroo with CSI which was due to return at 9:30pm.

Last night the show pulled a disappointing 684,000.

The move means it won’t compete anymore with Rush (although there is a double episode next week) and ABC’s upcoming Rake.

The outlook for a renewal for the Kate Ritchie drama isn’t bright.


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  1. i”ve been reading all the comments and couldnt agree more nine swooped in and stole the young doctors remake from ten now karma is slapping them good and hard no more sea patrol or hopefully cops lac as the latter was just a waste of air time a real waste for miss ritchie who in her final year on home and away really hit her strides nine needs to smell the burning toast veiwers want something where the characters draw them in like tony and tanya from tyd or john and angela from sad not a group of heartless insincere sailors playing cops and as for cops lac a very bad remake of cop shop.

  2. Not at all surprising and I predict now that it definitely will not be renewed for a second season. It will be bumped right off their schedule and over to Go before too much longer. Cliched premise, really woeful writing (worst since The Strip) and surprisingly amateur performances by the actors have doomed this show to failed cop show oblivion.

  3. @ Alex, I think Sea Patrol has been lucky to get a million hasn’t it? I could be wrong, but I see it as the best out of a bad bunch. It’s more procedural stuff, and one ep doesn’t stand out from the next. Feels to me 9 avoid making anything with heart because they are so out of touch with the world.

  4. @Ronnie, Rescue’s recommissioning would have a lot to do with drama points – plus it was given the green light before it went into the 800’s (if i recall correctly) which may have had some effect.

    As for Sea Patrol – it rates well and has big overseas sales, never been below 1 million so I can see why they renewed it. Plus it’s definitely the best out of all Nine dramas – some great stuff last season.

    Plus Nine aren’t making all bad moves – Underbelly’s a big hit.

    With Underbelly and Sea Patrol Nine were doing well – big ratings, originality, then they lost that with Rescue and Cops but now they’ve tried these maybe they’ll do something else. But with better writers than Rescue and Cops.

  5. All of this chat highlights the big issue – who is calling the shots as far as drama commissioning goes? Who should take responsibility for these awful series? There must have been a lot of pitches overlooked while they did 5 freaking series of SP and we’ve got another 22 RSO coming down the line. That is a big hole in the sked next year – I suppose Michael Healy will bury them both on Thurdsay night when what he really needs is drama for Sunday and Monday nights.

  6. If Rush hasn’t been renewed by now I don’t think it will be renewed, Ch 10 aren’t very confident in the show and the ratings just don’t justify a renewal. Besides they’ll be targetting a different demo next year so I for one am glad to finally see the back of it.

  7. Agreed David ….but how about they make a new medical or legal drama than instead of another cop show? That Young Doctors remake they were talking about last year would be a perfect fit for Channel 9…God knows why they chose COPS LAC over that?

  8. Rush is great – when you compare it with the indescribably awful Cops LACk. When you compare it with a well-scripted, -directed, and -acted drama such as Breaking Bad, well, it doesn’t compare. Rush may be the best Aussie-made police-drama at the mo’ but it is only sitting at the top of a pile of mediocrity.

  9. Try getting a gig writing drama on Australian commercial tv – impossible. It’s a closed shop. Producers only use writers they’ve used before. The first two episodes of L.A.C were written by one of the leading lights in the AWG. Go figure.

  10. I agree David but they need more off beat shows say like Dexter, it’s police based but with a twist which works. I guess the closest Nine has come to this is the Underbelly series. I think people are sick of the usually procedural dramas coming from the local networks and want something different, something that pushes the envelope like UB does.

    Sorry but Cops LAC doesn’t do this, it’s a perfect example of a good idea, great actors but bad execution and bad timing. Why have this and RSO on the same network and then put it up against another local cop drama with an established fan base?

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