Bumped: Parks and Recreation, Punk’d, Sunny In Philadelphia

Some changes to the line-up on 7mate from next week as Crank Yankers is removed.

Some changes to 7mate from next week:

Monday October 25
9:30pm 30 Rock dbl ep rpt
10:30pm Boston Legal rpt
11:30pm Parks and Recreation
Out: Crank Yankers

Tuesday October 26
9:30pm My Name is Earl dbl ep rpt
10:30pm Punk’d dbl episode rpt
11:30pm Nitro Circus
Out: Crank Yankers, Strikeforce

Wednesday October 27
9:30pm My Name is Earl dbl ep rpt
10:30pm Chappelle’s Show
11:00pm Chappelle’s Show rpt
11:30pm It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Out: Crank Yankers

Thursday October 28
10:30pm The Event rpt
11:30pm Damage Control rpt
Out: Crank Yankers

Sunday, October 31
7:30pm Highway Patrol rpt
8:30pm Damage Control
9:00pm TBA
11:25pm Last Comic Standing
12:20am Million Dollar Catch rpt
Out: Lost (remains 11:55pm Mon Nov 1, Tues Nov 2)


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  1. @ Anthony Mai – Its just the new version of a video casette recorder except there are no tapes and you can record 2 shows whilst watching another or on the new models record 4 shows whilst watching another.

    They retail from about 300 to 500 dollars.

  2. @Vinny I’m very traditional when it comes to TV… If two shows are on the same time, I’d have to pick one 🙂 Using all those fancy new tech stuff is cheating! Oh, and I’m not that sure what a Personal Video Recorder, but I’ll stay away…

  3. I’m trying to look on the bright side now:

    -With Parks and Recreation moving to 11.30, I can watch Shameless again!

    -I catch watch the full episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Gem (it’s starts at 10.45 as opposed to 10.30 that it’s advertised, which means it finishes at 11.15 cutting into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

    -There are no more positives….

    Big negative?

    -I work early mornings!!! Can’t afford to stay up to watch Parks and Recreation and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia now that they’re on so late!

  4. According to another tv site despite all the time changes, Strikeforce is the only show out really and will be back in summer .

    and Crank Yankers will remain in the line-up but just played as 1 or 2 episodes per week and return in 2 weeks (week commencing October 31st ) . Crank Yankers will be on at 11.30pm Thursday and Friday.

    So compared to GEM where there have been at least 6 shows removed, changes to Monday, Friday, Tuesday etc it is still not that bad.

  5. Are you bloody kidding me? I thought with these new channels we’d be getting all the good programs on at decent times now. But now they go and shove Parks & Recreation out to 11.30. Why even bloody bother Seven? And It’s Always Sunny still gets a crap timeslot. This has just done it for me. I will no longer be watching Seven. I’ll be getting all my tv shows online. Already found a way now to watch Parks & Recreation.

  6. You have got to be kidding me? I have to wait another hour and a half to catch Parks and Recreation?!

    And wasn’t 11pm late enough for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?! Why has Seven made me stay up so late over the past few years?!

    Moving Parks and Rec to have old eps of 30 Rock and Boston Legal?

    If Seven believed in these 2 shows and gave them the chance they deserved in the beginning, maybe they would have a decent enough fan base!!!! Instead, they’re living at timeslots close to midnight while people have to go to bed to work or go to school!!!!

    Yes, I love these two shows…

  7. “Meanwhile 10 Years Younger has been replaced with Seconds from Disaster (rpt) at 10:30pm Monday on Seven.”

    Where does this put The Event which was going to screen in this time slot?

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