David E. Kelley to remake Wonder Woman

“In your satin tights, fightin’ for your rights, and the ol’ red, white and blue…..”

David E. Kelley is developing a modern-day reboot of Wonder Woman.

The classic DC comic book heroine was famously played by Lynda Carter in the series that ran from 1975-79.

But there have been numerous plans to revisit the character on both the small and big screens.

Actresses ranging from Angelina Jolie to Beyonce Knowles to Megan Fox have thrown their hat in the ring for the starring role at one time or another.

In 2005, Warner Bros. announced Joss Whedon would write and direct the film adaptation. But Whedon said he never ended up being able to finish the draft, and said “They just didn’t like my take.”

Kelley’s name, best associated with such shows as Boston Legal, Ally McBeal and The Practice, gives this an interesting new turn.

Time to play that camp theme tune again….


Source: Hollywood Reporter.


  1. @ Tango, David ended up having little to do with US Life on Mars beyond writing the initial pilot which was then re-written. He neve got credited for it, so I don’t think you can blame him for that!

  2. in your satin tights, fighting for your rights ~ and the old red, white, n bluuuuuu~e

    this, from a country that runs their defence force on a policy of ‘dont ask – dont tell … ‘

    @0:39 is just spooky, but luvin’ it!

  3. Lynda Carter was an early role model for me, when there were few women on telly, and hardly any who could kick butt! Her commentary on the DVD of season 1 is fab.

    Trouble is, the storylines really let her down. Because it was set in WW2 there were Nazis everywhere, but they mostly seemed to be in the Hollywood hills 🙂

    I loved her swimming / scuba costume as well. That rocked! (I think that didn’t come along until season 2?)


  4. Yeah but legal wordsmith, David E Kelly tackling the action/adventure genre of Woner Woman? No way, I’d hate the idea, even if Wonder Woman wasn’t so close to my heart. Even Kellys non legal shows ( Picket Fences and Boston Public ) endeded up having strong legal elements. Now for Diana Prince, attorney at law. Please, God no.

  5. A remake of WW would be fantastic. DEK is an interesting choice though.

    That said, like the new comics and the planned movies, the problem comes with her sexiness. The original WW was a gorgeous Amazon dressed in .. well .. very little. The new comics imagine her in some sort of steampunk lycra getup: today24news.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Wonder-Woman.jpg

    The comics haven’t gone that well.

    I think if she’s to be a success then we have to ignore the moralising goody goody do-good feminazi movement and at least stick with something like the original costume. Sure, she’s underdressed, but she’s an Amazon warrior.

    Since the 80s we’ve become more and more prudish. I can’t imagine even Xena being filmed today.

  6. Sounds great.

    I wonder if they’re going to base it on the recent “reboot” in the comics which re-imagined Wonder Woman with an back-story which closely resembles Batman’s and Superman’s origins. Given all the trouble they’ve had adapting the old-school Wonder Woman for a movie, I’m guessing they’re going to give the character a major make-over for TV as well.

    I definitely hope it has more in common with the first couple of seasons of Alias, the first 3 seasons of Buffy and early Xena: Warrior Princess instead of being as lame as the more recent super-heroine TV series like Bionic Woman.

  7. I’ve seen someone suggest Sarah Lancaster for the role (she’s from the show ‘Chuck’) but I think that’s because of her resemblance to Lynda Carter.

    Diana is supposed to be a Greek Amazon, so someone with a Mediterranean look would be best. How about Rhona Mitra?

  8. Sounds like a great idea … let’s just hope it does better that the remake of The Bionic Woman! And we Must have a cameo or new role for Lynda Carter!!!

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