Gallery: Escape From Scorpion Island

Two teams of adventurers from the UK and Australia, aged 11-13, are thrust into a tropical island thousands of miles from friends, and family.

A new season of Escape from Scorpion Island begins this month on ABC3.

The popular adventure series for kids promises “Ten Adventures, Five Powers, One Island!”

There are two teams of adventurers from the UK and Australia, aged 11-13 thrust into a tropical island thousands of miles away from school, friends, and family.

Co-Produced by Freehand and Foundation (UK), it is hosted by Johny Pitts and Myleene Klass. This is the third series to have been filmed in Australia.

Over the coming weeks, they will be learning to cope with this extraordinary new life with their team-mates and rivals, as well as competing in a series of awe-inspiring challenges. They’ll be swinging out over terrifyingly deep gorges, climbing monstrous cliff-faces, hanging off thunderous waterfalls and much, much, more.

There will be action, drama and jubilation; plus the winning teams will be collecting bags filled with ‘the sands of time’. This mysterious item will prove crucial in the final race to escape – so team Sting and team Claw are desperate to try to win them. Of course, Scorpion Island is not to be trusted: it may look like paradise – but, in fact, it’s always ready to shock the adventurers, throwing twist after twist at them in an effort to stop them escaping.

Throughout their action-packed time on the Island, the adventurers will have to harness and represent one of five Island powers – bravery, speed, strength, balance and stamina in order to prove that they are worthy of taking on the Island. The teams will be learning and honing the skills that will ultimately help them to defeat their opponents and be the one team who survives and triumphantly manages to Escape From Scorpion Island! You just know this is going to be another unbelievable ride – and the Island will never forgive you if you miss a second of it…

Episode One: Wednesday October 13 at 6.25pm
After an adrenaline-fuelled arrival onto Scorpion Island by a sky dive 4000m high, our ten new intrepid adventurers won’t have a moment to rest. The Island reveals a secret that it’s been keeping for an eternity… five stone scorpions. Legend has it that five ancient adventurers tried to conquer the Island but the Island was livid and turned them to stone so that they could never escape. They each possessed a power needed to take on the Island: bravery, speed, strength, balance and stamina. Our ten new adventurers must now each win the right to harness and represent one of these powers in the … battle for the powers. Only then will they have the chance of beating the Island and escaping.

It begins at 6:25pm Wednesday, 13th October on ABC3.

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  1. i dont understand why they keep on making more series.. All of the challenges are the same and there is No variety in each series!! It is veery repetative and is a real bore! I hope that this is the last of the EFSI!! *i am 14

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